Naruto brought back to NWN.
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 Training of the Quiet Death

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PostSubject: Training of the Quiet Death   Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:05 pm

[Learning Medical E Rank: Dress Wound - 1/23/15]

Kouyou stepped into the Medical Ward of Kumogakure and gave a cursory glance of the place before she walked up to the receptionist. She slipped her hand into one of her pouches and pulled out a scroll before handing it to the receptionist.

The Receptionist would give Kouyou a wary look before smiling and taking the scroll handed out. She would look over what was written before nodding.
"Very well, please head to Ward One. An instructor will be there." The Receptionist would stamp the scroll she held and would hand it back to Kouyou before returning to her work.

Kouyou gave a nod and would head to where she had been directed. Arriving before the door she would raise her hand and knock lightly against the door before waiting to be called in. "Come in." A gruff voice was heard through the door before she opened it and stepped in. She would immediately bow to the older man and once she straightened up she would bring her hand up to her hood and slide it back to reveal her face, well at least part of it as a cloth covered half her face from the tip of her nose down.  

The man looked at her with piercing silver eyes though his left eye seemed more cloudy than the other.
“So you are the one I was informed I would be teaching my ways to.” He placed his hands on his knees and pushed himself up.

“Hai.” Kouyou answered simply as she awaited instruction from the older man. "Not much of a talker are you, well never mind that I am Mitsurugi Kage Oni. It seems you want to learn what I know, Medical Jutsu and then the darker side of it. Poisons of course." Kouyou would nod.

"Well then let's begin. I am going to teach you how to dress a wound properly. I imagine you have watched other Kunoichi practice Medical?" Kouyou would nod again. "There is one in my squad. Mitsuko."

Mitsurugi nodded and as he did he threw a Kunai which flew at an alarming rate towards her. Kouyou though was completely unable to dodge and so the Kunai struck the palm of her hand pinning it against the door she had stood near. She grunted softly and would look over at the old man. "Slow aren't you." He smiled darkly. Kouyou would bring her other hand up to grasp the Kunai at its hilt and she would pull the blade out letting her hand free. She changed the grip on the Kunai as blood dripped from ti to the floor and looked up to the man before she stepped forth and handed it hilt end towards him.

He took it from her and wiped the blood off before grabbing some bandages. "It is a simple Jutsu." He would take her hand and have her palm face up before grabbing a salve which he dabbed over the wound and then he would take each end of the bandage with either of his hands and bring the bandage up against the back of her hand before wrapping up her wound and finally tying it off securely. "Again simple. The only mistakes you can make with this is not properly wrapping it via too loosely or too tightly and then not securely tying it off. You may begin on my hand."

He would hold his left hand out towards her and she would look down at it and then slip her Kunai out. "Woah! No need for that." He chuckled as Kouyou looked at her bandaged hand and then to him. But she would slip her Kunai away and step over to him as she pulled out her own bandages. "No need for the salve as well, just make sure you do not forget to administer it upon an actual wound. For now just work on properly wrapping the wounded area."

Kouyou gave him a flat look and then would nod. She had watched a few Medical Ninja administer this Jutsu in her missions as well practicing her bandage work herself when she had nothing better to do. Suffice to say she would wrap up his hand and then tie it off before looking up and seeing the man frown at her. "Bit tight don't you think. Redo it."

Kouyou looked down at his fingers which were turning a bit red as the bandage was too tight. She would undo the bandage and wrap his hand again but a bit looser this time. Mitsurugi would bring his hand up and flex it a bit. "Still a bit tight as I cannot flex my hand completely in the case a battle is upon us but it does it's job. Now my leg." Kouyou nodded and would slip out more bandages from her pouch as Mitsurugi removed the one upon his hand and threw it away. She knelt down enough so she could begin the wrap upon his leg, her hands moving quickly though delicately as she completed the wrapping.

Kouyou would then stand up and step back before looking to him. The old man would leap up and land on his feet before dishing out a kick to the air testing her bandage.
"Good maneuverability, adequate binding. It may undo with a great amount of physical activity. But that will come with much more practice. You seem to understand the basics and that is all you need to understand. With experience comes mastering. That is all for today so be off with you, come back tomorrow."

Kouyou bowed to the man and then would open the door before leaving.

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PostSubject: Re: Training of the Quiet Death   Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:31 pm

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Training of the Quiet Death
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