Naruto brought back to NWN.
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 Breathing Fire (Solo RP Training Thread)

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PostSubject: Breathing Fire (Solo RP Training Thread)   Breathing Fire  (Solo RP Training Thread) EmptyFri Feb 13, 2015 4:36 pm

The hollow thud made by the sliced bamboo that fell in quick succession onto the floor. Saori brought the plain katana back into her starting position, then sheathed it in a smooth motion to turn and bow to her Father.

“Father.“ That gentle smile broke out across her face, elated by his presence as she rushed to embrace him. It was soft, emotion that had no place in the training hall but there was few who could so much as outright refuse her, and none of them entered her place. Her Sensei, her Father was as much as daunting a task master then perhaps the most stern when it was training. Before, and after however he would indulge her.

“You do this every morning, little one? It’s not even an hour before dawn.” Eiji Uchiha ruffled his daughter’s hair with affection.

“It’s the only time it is empty, Father.” Saori insisted. “the Elders feel I waste my time with something that is not Ninjutsu at this stage but there is something so peaceful about being one with the blade. I will not stop something I am so passionate about. So I will find my own time amongst everything. Tadakuro-san thinks it is wonderful. Are we studying Ninjutsu today, Father?”

“Yes. I thought you might like to learn something new. I would prefer it if they merely returned your training to myself, but you seem to learn much from them, and from these Jounin friends of yours you’ve acquired. Today you will learn Dragon Breath technique. Come, follow and I will explain on our way to the lake.” Eiji began to walk, Saori rushing to catch up to him, even as he moved and they walked in the darkness of the early morning. The lanterns were all but extinguished and the streets only patrolled by their kin. “Unless you have become used to the concepts that Grandfather Sora has been teaching you?”

“The inner fire, rather the use of chakra manipulation to have the fire expel from within. Drawing on the physical melding of the heat into energies of the mind and conducted through the chakra pathways then –“ Saori began at her father’s insistance.

“He always did like the ignite from the mouth bit. You’ve learned the basic foundation for four techniques of the rank we are currently working on. I want you to apply this to the technique we shall begin now. “ Eiji gestured at the lake, as they arrived at the ever popular small island. He handsealed, three clones forming on the lake’s still surface the water rippling outwards. “Now. Pay attention. The Dragon Breath technique is a wide-spread fire technique, however unlike for instance the Fireball technique you will not be igniting the technique until it is expelled instead, taking that accelerator in a gas-like form and allowing it to encompass the enemy before sparking it to life and surrounding them in the shroud of flames. You should, if you have mastered the technique be able to ignite all clones at once. Now. Mimic the handseals.”

No eyes, was his rule for Katon techniques. We are gifted enough, he always told her. Saori followed him through the handseals, her hands deft. It helped with understanding and comprehension. She understood so much more thanks to him, not that it was needed but that it helped. She finished the last seal, and blew out the gas towards the clones, but it ignited too soon, and could not reach.
"Again." Her Father's voice was firm, and she obeyed. Again, and again - until the clones that had been formed were gone, consumed in a blaze that lit up the lake as if the sunrised. And by the sunrise, the technique was hers - the three blazing figures vanishing as the lake boiled at it's surface under the heat of the technique.

"Very good, Saori.. But..." Eiji trailed off.

"But what?" Saori breathed hard, catching her breath from endless repeitition of the action.

"But what's for breakfast." He grinned.

Saori punched him in the arm.

[Katon: Dragon Breath Technique]
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Breathing Fire (Solo RP Training Thread)
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