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 3) HP / CP Rules

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PostSubject: 3) HP / CP Rules   Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:41 pm

Hitpoints, or HP, is to determine your Characters limit. Your hitpoints shows how much damage your character can take, and also determines how long you last in battle. Each time your character is hit, your Hitpoints will be lowered depending on the Jutsu/Technique that hit your character. If at any time during a Fight, your Hitpoints reach 0, you are Knocked Out for the remainder of the fight. All characters if reduced to -40hp (-10 if a Missing Nin), they check a CON check equaling their current negative HP total halved and rounded up. If they pass, they are hospitalized for 1 day IRL but otherwise continue as normal. If they fail this CON check, they are 'Critically Vulnerable'. They are hospitalized for 1 IRL day; additionally, for 3 real time days, if they are again reduced to -40HP, they are perma-killed. After 3 real time days have passed, they are no longer critically Vunerable. On a Perma-Kill the character is Refunded by ether 1/2 or Full, pending DM vote. (Abilities may be purchased that make the character unable to be Perma'd however it must have GOOD RP background, and will always cost 100 tokens no matter the RP.)

- If a Medical Shinobi is on-Stand by and Immediately Moves to Assist, then the Target that drops to Perma-Level HP is no longer in Risk of Perma or Vulnerability.

[Hitpoints Calculation]
Current Level + 20 + Constitution Mod + Rank Mod + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras

[Rank Hitpoints Bonus]
Academy Student: +0 HP
Genin: +5 HP
Advanced Genin: +10 HP
Chuunin: +15 HP
Advanced Chuunin: +20 HP
Special Jounin: +25 HP
Jounin: +30 HP
Kage: +50 HP (DM Permission)

A Normal Shinobi Jounin, with a 10 Con Mod would have a HP Calculated Of: Level 40 + 20 + 10 + 30 + 0 = 100 Total HP

[Chakra Points]
Chakra points, or CP, is how much Energy your character has. Your Chakrapoints shows how much Jutsu/Techniques or other various things your character can do in and out of battle. Each time you use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu etc, small amounts for larger amounts of chakra are used. Some moves can even drain your Chakra Points when hitting you. If at any time during a fight, your Chakra Points reach 0, You are knocked out for the remainder of the fight. You cannot be Perma'd from Chakra Loss or Damage, however if you hit -20 CP you will suffer a -5 to Attack/Defense rolls for 2 irl Days.

[Chakrapoints Calculation]
Current Level + 10 + Constitution Mod + Wisdom OR Intelligence OR Charisma Mod + Rank Mod + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras

[Rank Chakrapoints Bonus]
Academy Student: +5 CP
Genin: +10 CP
Advanced Genin: +15 CP
Chuunin: +20 CP
Advanced Chuunin: +25 CP
Special Jounin: +30 CP
Jounin: +35 CP
Kage: +50 CP (DM Permission)

A Normal Shinobi Jounin, with a 10 Con Mod, and a 15 Wis Mod would have a CP Calculated Of: Level 40 + 10 + 10 +15 + 35 + 0 = 110 Total CP
(Note: Wisdom OR Intelligence OR Charisma can be used to calculate Chakra, Not all three.)
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PostSubject: Re: 3) HP / CP Rules   Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:49 pm

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3) HP / CP Rules
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