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 8) Skill Rules

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PostSubject: 8) Skill Rules   Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:46 pm

Ninja have several different skills that can be used Inside and Outside of Comabt. Depending on their level in the skill, the outcome of how they use it can be different. The Skills used in combat is Heal, Lore, Set trap, Spot, Listen, Hide and Move Silently.

Used for Medical jutsu. Dictates amount of HP healed via Medical Jutsu.

Lore is used to determine knowledge over jutsus and shinobi. The DC varies, Depending on the Sitatuion or PC/NPC.

[Set trap]
Set trap is used to set traps. A Set Trap roll is made before the actual attack roll. The roll is Set Trap vs Spot. If the Set Trap roll is a success the Attack Roll for the trap is made causing the enemy to sustain a maximum output of damage upon stumbling into the trap dealing an extra +1d8 damage to the set traps combination. If it is failed no bonuses are given.

In combat Spot is rolled to notice traps or to see others hiding. In most circumstance it is a Spot vs Hide Roll.

Is rolled vs Move Silently and also represents the ability to hear. Good for eavesdropping.

[Sneak Attack]
You roll Hide vs Spot to successfully conceal yourself, and Move Silently vs Listen to Successful silence yourself, if ether roll is failed then you have failed to hide. Takes your turn to Hide. You can only hide once per fight unless you use smoke bombs or certain jutsu's that allows hiding. When hidden you can perform a sneak attack with +1d10 damage, and +2 Attack Roll that counts toward the [BURST] max, as your able to carefully gain the advantage over your enemy and a precise aim on where to strike. You can sneak attack any jutsu..
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PostSubject: Re: 8) Skill Rules   Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:48 pm

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8) Skill Rules
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