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 Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.

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PostSubject: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:39 am

Heiro Tamara

Personnel Card
Gender: Male
Age: 16
DOB: February 27th
Height: 6'1"
Village: Demon Country
Standings/Jobs: Prince, son of the Daimyo, Envoy of Demon Country

Hair color: Black
Length: Shoulder
Eye color: red
Skin: Pale
Body Shape: Athletic
Tattoos: None

Shinobi Card

Element: Inton, Katon, Raiton.
Main Focus: Kenjutsu, Elemental Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu.
Sensei: Albasa Tamara
Squad: None
Specialty: Kenjutsu, Elemental Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu Nullification.
Rank: Genin equivilant
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PostSubject: Re: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:40 am


[Clan History]
The Tamara clan is the current clan that rules over the land of demons, they are a fairly rich and Renown family with a huge amount of political pull with the other smaller country's however the Tamara was not always as well known as they are now, back in the days of the sage of six paths as he travelled the world preaching his teachings of chakra the Tamara clan was only a small family of blacksmiths not really notable for anything but one day the Sage of six came to their village and asked them to forge a weapon from the bark of the divine tree, supplying them with the amount they would need they forged a large portion of the bark within the steel and created Kui – The Grand Devourer, a Katana that held the ability to absorb and release chakra as they user commanded, however they refused to hand Kui over to the sage claiming it for themselves, as time passed on the Tamara had crafted several lesser versions of Kui to combat the rising shinobi clans, the real ancient blade kept sealed within a seamless box and hidden away, by this time the Tamara had become renown for supplying weaponry that could help those who could not controll their chakra to fight back against the shinobi clans and repell them from their land.

As time passed the shinobi threat had diminished as they left the small nation after being repelled by the weaponry of the Tamara the villages banded together to form a country, that country would later be named the land of demons, the Tamara were elected as the family to lead and Lyciel Tamara was named the Daimyo, he took a wife from the Godai clan and formed an alliance with the country known as Yuga, they soon gave birth to a child that possessed the birth right of the Tamara and the Kekkei genkai of the Godai, this child was named Teimko Tamara as the child grew up he learned the ways of the Godai from his mother and inherited the Kui of the Tamara, combining his Kekkei genkai with the ancient weapon he formed a new style by fusing his elemental chakra within Kui and creating Elemental Kenjutsu.

Now the Tamara clan is still standing strong as they lead the land of demons and protecting the country with a few clans that had decided to reside within its boarders, the Kui is passed down generation from generation to those who possess the now watered down Kekkei genkai within the family as they take a oath to one day lead as the Daimyo.

[Elemental swordsmanship]
150 Tokens
The Tamara clan is a small off-shoot from the ancient Godai clan, their bloodline watered down with generations but they gain a slight Kekkei Genkai from them their ancestors, their chakra network mutated and evolved as they gained extra chakra pathways within their body allowing the flow of chakra to alter and granting them the pathways needed to form multiple elemental affinitys, allowing them to access the ability to posses multiple elements from birth by tapping into each pathway of the chakra network needed to use the elements effectively, this was later formed into the technique to fuse elemental ninjutsu into a weapon forged from the divine tree allowing them to create a form of devistating elemental Kenjutsu. this was first discovered by Teimko Tamara who with the sword of legend Kui wrote the Tamara name in history forever, forming and founding the country of demons with this devistating new Kekkei genkai.
Universal: User starts with 2 Elements, gaining 1 more at Jounin, but no more after that. The user may add any offensive Ninjutsu to a Kenjutsu attack for additional HP damage, Depending on the character rank (other negatives or effects may not be applied). They must pay for the cost of the added Ninjutsu x 2.
(* Note: These attacks are considered Kenjutsu, therefore they do not gain any DMG bonus to Ninjutsu or their respected Elements etc, this ability only applies when using his legendary weapon in conjunction with it.)

Genin: +1 DEX, +1d4 DMG with Elemental Kenjuts, E-D Rank Elemental Ninjutsu
Chunin: +2 DEX, +1d6 DMG with Elemental Kenjuts, E-C Rank Elemental Ninjutsu
Jounin: +3 DEX, +1d8 DMG with Elemental Kenjuts, E-B Rank Elemental Ninjutsu

[Mastery of the body]
Having mastered his body his reflexes and abilitys have increased beyond that of a normal humans.
Universal: Single Wield Medium Rank DMG is equal to Large Weapon Rank DMG (May not Dual wield any weapon size), No Weapon Penalties when using Medium Weapons
Genin: +3 DR, +10 hp.
Chunin: +4 DR, +15 hp.
Jounin: +5 DR, +20 hp.
User may create 2x E-B rank and 1x A-S rank custom Elemental Kenjutsu

[Mastery of the soul]
100 Tokens

Having mastered his chakra controll and the very essence of his soul his abilitys with jutsu have greately increased.
Universal: User gains +2 to Learning Ninjutsu / Kenjutsu and those they teach gain +1 to Learning Ninjutsu / Kenjutsu.
Genin: +1 to DEX/WIS Rolls, +10 CP, -1 to cp costs on elemental jutsu.
Chunin: +2 to DEX/WIS Rolls, +15 CP, -2 to cp costs on elemental jutsu.
Jounin: +3 to DEX/WIS Rolls, +20 CP, -3 to cp costs on elemental jutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:42 am

Kui- The Grand Devourer
Item type: Legendary Katana
Description: This is a sword of legends once wielded by a shinobi of Demon country, it is said to be sentiant having a thirst for chakra and a endless apitite, the sword has been passed down for generations within the family and is now held by the sole heir of the clan and Envoy of demon country.

PVP: +3 Dr peirce, 1d2 cp healed when a jutsu is devoured.

Devour: CP - 1/2 the Cost of the Incoming Jutsu +3 CP cost if used against unblockable/undodgeable) DEF vs Elemental Ninjutsu. User rolls WIS vs Targets ATK Roll. If successfully, User's sword "Devours" the jutsu and gains bonuses according to the jutsu rank that was devoured

D-C Rank) 1 Round
B-A Rank) 1d2 Rounds
S Rank) 1d2+1 Rounds
(Rounds stack, Bonuses do not. However, Highest bonus is applied.)

Genin: +1 ATK/DEF Rolls, 19-20 Crit Range, +1 DR Pierce, +1d4 DMG
Chunnin: +2 ATK/DEF Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range, +2 DR Pierce, +1d6 DMG
Jounin: +3 ATK/DEF Rolls, 17-20 Crit Range, +3 DR Pierce, +1d8 DMG

(All above bonuse apply to Kenjutsu and Elemental Kenjutsu Only. They all apply to the active cap, not the passive cap)

Unleash: User may "Unleash" The jutsu that was absorbed, sending it back at the target(s) they desire. User must pay the same CP cost that the original user paid. Targets may still DEF freely against this. If user uses "Unleash" the rounds gained from the jutsu being absorbed is removed.

Raifurain - Living armourment.
Item type: Legendary Armour
Description: Raifurain was forged alongside Kui by the founding mother of the Tamara clan, it is said to have been made from metal found within a mountain famous for being alive, it is said to be the final resting place of the Kami of earth respectively named Raifurain, the metals it had been forged from hold special properties allowing the wearers wounds to seal faster than normal aswell as the wearers skin becoming as strong as rock, while wearing the Raifurain its wearer becomes partly sensative to nature around him making him sensative to nature chakra more so than others.

Raifurain was one of the first of its kind forged from metals made by the Kami of earth, it is said to inhabit the very Kami from the ancient legends told to those who reside within the boarders of Oni no kuni, the story started back in the days of the sage of six paths when the Oni and Kami ruled over demon country pursuing their endless fight, the humans lived in fear of each respectively as they struggled to simply survive that is untill the Tamara clan came along and sealed an Oni within a sword forged from the Divine tree, with this new found power they managed to forge a weapon to fight back with, that consumed its own kind in a endless hunger but however those who would wield the blade did not survive for long, thus the Tamara took to the blessed mountain of the Kami of earth Raifurain and begged for his blessing, thus he gave them the materials to forge an armour that sustained life, once the armour was complete Raifurain asked to be sealed within to aid the next in line to wield the demonic sword and hinder the burden that is placed on such a person...thus the legendary armour of Raifurain was born, now it is in the hands of the land of demons very own prince Heiro Tamara and along with Kui he has set out to rid the world of Oni once and for all.
Pvp: +2 destructible HP DR per round (max 10), +1 hp Regen
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PostSubject: Re: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:44 am



Katon: Blazing Red Cannon
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 1
RP Description: After performing the necessary hand signs, the user sends a ball, the size of their head, of red chakra straight at their opponent
PVP Effect: 1d4 Damage
Special Note: Hijutsu offered to all fire element academy students of every village

Katon: Quiet Flame Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 2
RP Description: User performs a single sign, before lifting their index finger to their mouth. With a quick blow, they send a single flame over to a target which slowly burns at the targets skin.
PvP Effect: 1 damage over 1d4 rounds
Special Note: Hijutsu offered to all fire element academy students of every village

Rank E

Inton: Dark Marble Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 1
RP Description: Creates a small black marble that flies at the target
PVP Effect: 1d4+1 Damage
Special Note: Hijutsu available to all Dark element academy students of every village

Rank C

Inton: Shadow Talon (DM Rasa witnessed)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Description: The user concentrates chakra to their finger tips, they then fire a blast of chakra from both hands at the target, each take the form of a talon.
PVP Effect: 4d4 Damage
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - C Rank


Chakra Dageki (Chakra Strike)
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
RP Description: By channeling a small amount of chakra into their weapon the user is able to hit more effectively.
CP Cost: 1
PVP: Rank Weapon Damage +1 damage
Note: This is required in order to learn other Kenjutsu
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – E Rank
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PostSubject: Re: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:45 am

Token Receipt

Abilitys - 250 tokens - Admin Sasori
Kui - the grand devourer - 200 tokens - DM Rasa
4 Dex stats - 70 tokens - DM Rasa
9 Wis stats - 140 tokens - DM Rasa
8 Con stats - 80 tokens - DM Rasa
Inton - 25 tokens - Admin Sasori
Raifurain - Living Armourment - 105 tokens - Admin Sasori

Ability cap: 375/700
Item cap: 180/500
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PostSubject: Re: Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.   

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Heiro Tamara - Demon Prince.
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