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 Uchiha, Kazumi

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:57 pm

Uchiha, Kazumi

Name: Kazumi

Clan: Uchiha

Age: 19

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 107 lbs.

Skin: Tanned

Hair Color: Black

Hair: Kazumi's hair reaches a few inches passed her shoulders, curling at the ends. Her hair seems to be well kept and pampered.

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown / Red (Sharingan)

Build: Lithe

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: None

Family: Uchiha Clan

Personality: Aggressive, Assertive, Playful

Likes: Katon, Sushi, Sake, Spicy Foods

Dislikes: Suiton, Milk, Bland Food

Foci: Katon / Raiton / Fuuton

Lvl: 40 / 40

HP: 120

CP: 145

Rank: Jounin

Weapon: Kunai

Jutsu Focus: Ninjutsu

Village: Kumogakure

Theme Song:

"Everything to ashes."

- Become a Genin [X]
- Become a Chuunin [X]
- Become a Special Jounin [X]
- Become a Jounin [X]
- Become Raikage [O]
- Learn a C Rank Jutsu [X]
- Learn a B Rank Jutsu [X]
- Learn a A Rank Jutsu [X]
- Learn a S Rank Jutsu [X]
- Create a C Rank Jutsu [O]
- Create a B Rank Jutsu [O]
- Create a A Rank Jutsu [O]
- Create a S Rank Jutsu [O]

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:03 pm


The Senju, the Hateshinai, and the Uchiha. The three brothers, and sons of the Sage of Six paths. The history of these clans is nohing but war and peace repeated over and over throughout history itself. The Sage of Six after splitting the Ten tails into Nine Beasts, Separated his power into the three sons, he gave one the power of his perfected Body and his power over the Elements Themselves- The Second Son, Hoshiga Senju. He Gave another his power to create seals out of nothing, the ability to seal the powers of others and control the tailed beasts, and all of his vast knowledge to another- The Third Son, Koroiko Hateshinai. And Finally, he gave the power of the Rinnegan, of the ability to form Dojutsu itself, and control reality to the last- The First Son, Goromitsu Uchiha. This all happened hundreds of years ago at the creation of the World when war finally died down as the worlds chaos was halted by the sage of Six.

As time passed after the Sage of Six passed into the void, his three sons bickered over lands and ways, the First Son thought the way to continue peace was have vengeance on the world and end combat by ruling with an iron fist, blaming the world for their fathers death, and so the path of the Uchiha was chosen, of vengeance, and chaos, and murder. The Second Son thought that love and compassion was the path to creating a better world as their father had originally wanted, and so the Senju clans path had been chosen, of love and learning, protecting of others. Finally, the third Son made his decision, Death, Life, it was all natural, what mattered was learning from it to halt it in the future, he chose the path of neutrality, of learning and knowledge and so the Hateshinai's path was chosen, as peacekeepers of the world, from the Senju and Uchiha's constant war of who had the right path to save the world.

From each of these clans new were born, from the Senju the Kekkei Tota, the Advanced chakra Natures, and all clans related to Ninjutsu and the Elements were slowly born as more generations went past and Senju crossbreed with normal shinobi. Fuuinjutsu and its secrets were slowly passed through the generations, forming into Medical Jutsu and Fuuinjutsu, all clans and bloodlines dealing with such specialties now descended of them. Finally the Uchiha, the DNA in which all Dojtusu and abilities related to illusion come from ... the three clans had filled the world with their DNA in mixtures, and so many had formed the their owns stories began.

As the time passed throughout the world, and the Senju and Uchiha waged their great war's, the Hateshinai slowly grew tired of it all, and as the Two Clans exterminated each other slowly over time, the Hateshinai had enough. If they would bicker like children and destroy this world, the Hateshinai would cleanse the world of their taints, both of them. And so the war became an extermination ... starting with the uchiha, about fifty years ago, the uchiha were exterminated by the combined war of the Senju, and hundreds of assassinations by the hateshinai. Suddenly the world was off balance, as the Uchiha were amssacreds, only few remaining scattered across the world. The Hyuuga quickly swept in ... taking in their clans long ago parents, and nurturing, saving the clan as the Leaf village was ever so slowly built up by the Senju and Hyuuga, and as the Uchiha recovered, their legend continued.

However, the Sneju learned of what the Hatehshinai had done ... and as the Leaf village was founded, a final great war broke out. The Senju suck out revenge for the Uchiha of the past, as they were driven by love, and had always simply wanted peace not a massacre, held by vengeance ... the two clans exterminated one another. The great war spreading the hateshinai across the world, along with the Senju. And so the world came to know, the Three great clans, and only one survived. The Hatehsinai were extinct, as were the Senju but a few select few. The Uchiha had risen from the dead, and now were honored within their Konoha village ... and so man clans had finally formed, descended from the great three brothers after years of war and bloodshed, a final understanding seemed to have entered the world.


[The Prodigal Family]
The creator has two choices upon creation, they can ether be Ninjtusu, or Genjutsu Prodigies. Each has their own specific universal bonuses to their character, and it can only be changed with DM team approval and 25 RP tokens after creation, not including the cost of your character remake, so choose wisely.
Both Branches: Always Start with ether Fire or Medical Elements. If Medical is Chosen, then Fire MUST be Second Element.
Universal: Gains +1d4 to Fire Jutsu Damage (Past the Passive Damage Bonus Cap), +6 to Learning Fire Jutsu, and +1 to all Fire Jutsu Rolls.

[Ninjutsu Prodigies]
The branch of the family most skilled with Ninjutsu, these are the Shinobi whom are masters of their Katon Elements as well as their natural affinity for Ninjtusu in general, with these Shinobi of the Uchiha clan they are most renown for their untamed levels of chakra and abilities with manipulating it into a physical form that can be utilized easily and effectively. An Example of this would be Sasuke.
Genin: +1 WIS Rolls, -1 CP Costs (Min 1)
Chuunin: +2 WIS Rolls, -2 CP Costs (Min 1)
Jounin: +3 WIS Rolls, -3 CP Costs (Min 1)


[Tool Masters]
The Uchiha are famed for their ability to utilize strategy and skill with the basic Shinobi tools to manipulate attacks that would cause incredible amounts of damage should they ever hit. Combinations, manipulations with ninja wire and tools and more, they are famed for all these things, along with the intense reflexes and skills that come with it.
Universal: Uchiha start with 1 Combat Kunai, 6 Shurriken, 6 Kunai, 2 Ninja Wire, 2 Chakra Pill, 2 Windmill Shurriken, 1 Set of Caltrops, 2 Smoke Bombs, and 2 Explosive Tags
Genin: +1 to DEX Rolls, +1 to Tool Rolls, +10 HP
Chunin: +2 to DEX Rolls, +2 to Tool Rolls, +15 HP
Jounin: +3 to DEX Rolls, +3 to Tool Rolls, +20 HP


(100 Tokens)
3 CP to Activate, +2 CP to Maintain
The Sharingan (写輪眼; Literally meaning "Copy Wheel Eye") is a dōjutsu kekkei genkai, which appears in some members of the Uchiha clan. It is one of the Three Great Dōjutsu (三大瞳術, San Daidōjutsu; Literally meaning "Three Great Eye Techniques"), along with the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. The Sharingan is also called "Heaven's Eye" (天眼, Tengan), because of the many abilities it grants the user. The Sharingan's abilities consist of two parts: the "Eye of Insight" (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan) and the "Eye of Hypnotism"; (催眠眼, Saimingan). These abilities are what grant the eye its many abilities and properties. (For Achieving Tomo 1 you need only ask for a DM to give you a personal event for it to awaken. For Tomo 2-3 you need to send in a Request to the DM team with a short story of how the Tomo is acheived, why, how long it took, and then get that personal event run for you once its approved.)

One Tomo: +1 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +20 Spot Rolls, +1d4 to Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu Damage Rolls, 19-20 Crit Range, May Use the 'Copy', 'Nullify' and 'Mimic' Sharingan Abilities. Can track Chakra Levels of People*
Two Tomo: +2 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +25 Spot Rolls, +1d6 to Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu Damage Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range, May Use the 'Copy', 'Nullify', 'Hypnosis', and 'Mimic' Sharingan Abilities. Can track Chakra Levels of People*
Three Tomo: +3 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +30 Spot Rolls, +1d8 to Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu Damage Rolls, 17-20 Crit Range, May Use the 'Copy', 'Nullify', 'Hypnosis', 'Heaven and Earth', and 'Mimic' Sharingan Abilities. Can track Chakra Levels of People*

*They are able to ask people through PM or OOC how much chakra they currently have, and must be told.


[Mangekyou Sharingan]
(200 Tokens*)
(Not Active yet.)

8 CP to Activate, +2 CP Maintenance
The Mangekyō Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼; Literally meaning "Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye") is an advanced form of the Sharingan that has only been activated by a handful of Uchiha. The Mangekyō Sharingan has the ability to control the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, although Madara Uchiha is the only one to accomplish this milestone, Tobi has done the same but seemingly with only a regular Sharingan. It also grants them access to other powerful techniques. The Mangekyō Sharingan is distinguished from a normal Sharingan by its appearance, which changes the form of the tomoe seal. Unlike the Sharingan, the appearance of the Mangekyō Sharingan differs from user to user; for example, Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake's resembles a pinwheel, and Sasuke Uchiha's looks like three intersecting ellipses.

The Mangekyō Sharingan is acquired through the trauma experienced from the death of the person closest to the Sharingan user. With the user normally having to witness or experience this first hand, Uchiha throughout history have killed the person closest to them in order to expedite this process, though how Kakashi and Shisui gained their respective Mangekyō Sharingan has yet to be explained. To obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan, one must feel the emotion of losing a friend or family, as merely killing them or watching them die will not activate it.

Mangekyou Sharingan: +5 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +40 Spot Rolls, +1d8 to Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu Damage Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range, May Use the 'Copy', 'Nullify', 'Hypnosis', 'Heaven and Earth', and 'Mimic' Sharingan Abilities. Gains Two Custom S-Rank Mangekyo Techniques, One for the left, One for the Right, and Gains one S+ Rank Mangekyo Technique for both eyes Combined. Follows Blind Point Rules, all blind points must be kept track of on your characters Bio, cheating on this will result in the Perma of the Character, period.

[Blind Point System]
Activating Mangekyo Sharingan: 1 Blind Point to each Eye
Using Left/Right Eye Mangekyo Technique: 2 Blind Points to the Respective Eye Used
Using Both Eyes Combined Mangekyo Technique: 2 Blind Points to Both Eyes

10 Total Blind Points: -2 Attack/Defense Rolls, -20 Spot When Sharingan Are Not Active
20 Total Blind Points: -4 Attack/Defense Rolls, -30 Spot When Mangekyo Sharingan Are Not Active
30 Total Blind Points: -6 Attack/Defense Rolls, -40 Spot When Mangekyo Sharingan Are Not Active
40 Total Blind Points: -10 Attack/Defense Rolls, -100 Spot Rolls, Total Blindness, Uchiha Clan Bonuses May now be Refunded for Full Token Price, Minus the Cost of the Mangekyo Sharingan, for a New Ability for the Character, but they must Remain Blind. When a new ability is gained the -'s to rolls and spot will be removed, but character must remain blind IC.

*Blind Points Healing: Blind points may be healed at 2 RP Tokens per Blind Point, maximum of 2 blind points removed per 48 hours (5 Per Week), but the Healer must be a PC (Never an NPC), with a Heal Mod of 100 or More. As well, the Healing RP must be witnessed by a DM for the Blindness Points to be Payed for, or Proof such as Screenshots must be Given. Max of 3 Points Healed a Week.


[Advanced Chakra Network]
(100 Tokens, Legendary Bloodline)
The Uchiha have been born with the unique trait to manipulate, build, and form their chakra on completely different levels of power and energy. This allows them to now hold a far larger chakra pool, on top of using slightly less energy on maintaining their sharingan constantly. By gaining this trait they are able to fight at their top power, for far longer then they would ever before, as well as gain a minor amount of durability against chakra damaging effects thanks to this advanced network.
(Bonuses are Chosen Based on the Uchiha's Chosen Prodigal Path)

[Ninjutsu Prodigy]
Universal: -1 to Sharingan Mainenance Costs / Activation Cost (Min 1), +2 CP Regen
Genin: +10 CP, +2 DR Vs HP CP DMG, 2 DR Pierce on Ninjutsu
Chuunin: +15 CP, +3 DR Vs HP CP DMG, 3 DR Pierce on Ninjutsu
Jounin: +20 CP, +4 DR Vs HP CP DMG, 4 DR Pierce on Ninjutsu

* Mangekyou Sharingan replaces normal Sharingan for the token Cap. So when purchasing Sharingan for 100 tokens, then Mangekyou for a further 200 - 200 Tokens apply to the cap, not 300.

^ Does not apply to token cap if Mangekyou Sharingan has been purchased.


[Plasma Style (Keishiton)]

By superheating the area using immense heat of fire, with the high energy of Raiton, the two converge in a deadly, superhot mixture of chakra. Plasma release, is the creation of gasses that are hot enough to melt even the most resilient of materials. It tends to cling to that which it hits, not quite a gas and not quite a liquid. While horrificly dangerous, this nature is found naturally at times when lightning strikes the air, or more commonly in the stars. To embrace the plasma style is to embrace complete destruction, as there are no other properties to this jutsu.

Universal: Plasma Style gains all Fire Style bonuses. Free Jutsu: 2 x E rank, 2 x D rank, 2 x C rank, 2 x B rank, 1 x A rank, 1 x S rank
Genin: +1d4 Fire Jutsu Dmg, On Hit with Fire Jutsu target takes 1d2 Fire Dmg per round for 1d2 rounds
Chuunin: +1d6 Fire Jutsu Dmg, On Hit with Fire Jutsu target takes 1d2+2 Fire Dmg per round for 1d2+1 rounds
Jounin: +1d8 Fire Jutsu Dmg, On Hit with Fire Jutsu target takes 1d4+1 Fire Dmg per round for 1d4 rounds
Note: Rounds stack, damage does not. DoT bypasses DR.

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:08 pm

~ :: Jutsu :: ~

~ ::  Katon :: ~
Fire Release (火遁, Katon, English TV: Fire Style) is one of the basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by moulding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth. There are also variants to this in the form of some mediums such as the use of gun powder, ash, explosive tags and chakra flow into a weapon.

Commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal, Fire Release consists of mid to long-ranged offensive techniques that cause combustive and explosive damage. The art of having the flames obey the user's will is considered outrageously difficult. The chakra nature is common among shinobi of Konohagakure in the Land of Fire, notably within the Sarutobi clan and Uchiha clan, the latter having been noted to hold a natural affinity for it.


~ :: Raiton :: ~

Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton, English TV: Lightning Style) is one of the five basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allows the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. The electricity paralyses the target so that they are unable to move and leaves them vulnerable to a finishing strike. While uncommon, lightning can be infused into bladed weapons in a way similar to Wind Release through chakra flow for increased piercing power through vibrations, with the added effect of inducing numbness. When the technique is released from their bodies, and thus not requiring physical contact, it does not move as fast as true lightning. Instead, due to the control the user has to exert over it, it moves far slower, which can give opponents time to still react. Lightning Release is common to the ninja of Kumogakure.


~ :: Fuuton :: ~

Wind Release (風遁, Fūton, English TV: Wind Style) is one of the five basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible. Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. A rarity among the five chakra natures, wind techniques are usually performed by generating air circulation and can be enhanced through this method as well. Wind-natured chakra can also be channelled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range. The wind affinity is seemingly more common amongst shinobi of Sunagakure.


~ :: Kenjutsu :: ~

Bukijutsu (武器術; Literally meaning "Weapon Techniques") are techniques that entail the use of any handheld weapons in combat, whether the users be shinobi or samurai. Students of the Academy are taught the use of ninja weapons and tools like shuriken and kunai, learning how to throw and wield them through target practice.

Bukijutsu can be used in combination with taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, chakra flow, and even other weapons in order to achieve more devastating effects, such as the flail used in conjunction with the Infinite Armour, Kakashi Hatake's use of lightning-infused kunai, Asuma Sarutobi's use of wind-infused chakra knives for close-range combat, and Danzō Shimura's wind-infused weapons. Kosuke Maruboshi's Leaf-Style Willow technique combines kenjutsu with Genjutsu. Orochimaru was also able to effectively combine the sight-impairing effects of the Bringer-of-Darkness Technique with shuriken to increase the likelihood of hitting his intended target. In addition to this, fūinjutsu are often used in conjunction with bukijutsu, as it provides a quick and easy means of transporting and using weapons. Because of this versatility, bukijutsu is employed in a vast array of ninja techniques.


~ :: Academy Jutsu :: ~


~ :: Onmyoton :: ~


~ :: Copied Jutsu :: ~

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:11 pm

~ :: History :: ~

~ :: Clan History :: ~

~ :: Pre Academy :: ~

~ :: Academy :: ~

~ :: Genin :: ~

~ :: Chuunin :: ~

~ :: Jounin :: ~

~ :: [People] :: ~


???, Hirui: Sandstone Orange Chakra

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:11 pm

~ :: Items :: ~

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:13 pm

~ :: Token Receipt :: ~

Kazumi Uchiha is replacing Erin Jikodo:

Bought Charisma from to 18, 10 tokens, DM Rasa
Bought Con from 12 to 18, 6 tokens, DM Rasa

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha, Kazumi   

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Uchiha, Kazumi
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