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 Imitation is a form of Flattery (Kinnojo Taijutsu Training)

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PostSubject: Imitation is a form of Flattery (Kinnojo Taijutsu Training)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:25 am

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In the middle of Lightning Central, in the area Kin has been using as a makeshift training ground when he's been off on his own, with a good deal of training gear of all sorts (Though mainly just different colored targets) as well as some ninja tools, a couple of his weapons, the fresh air and the sounds of the mountain all around him. He had really taken to liking this place. It was away from prying eyes, in a village that had been difficult at best for him to fit in. He knew that was his fault for the most part, but even so, he would work to become the best he could be, liked or not within the place he chose to call home. Taijutsu had been his focus for the last while, as he had let his training in it become a bit more lax than usual since the marking of the Godai appeared on his chest. It was so easy to just get lost in learning Ninjutsu, but Kin knew his Genjutsu, his Taijutsu, and ugh, even his vastly inferior Kenjutsu still needed a lot more work before he could be considered in any way ready to go on more advanced missions, or even deal with the Chuunin exams which rumor had it could be any time soon.

The scroll was one he had found while studying different forms, and it reminded him of one thing in particular. The first move of Kouyou's devastating multiple strike Darkness Taijutsu combo. He loved watching it in action, it was graceful, it was brutal, it was effective. It sort of defined everything Kouyou seemed to be, and the power was... impossible to deny. He had felt it used on him, and he had seen it used on another, though he somehow survived the strikes better than the other man did the pain of being slammed through a statue for a second time wasn't lost on him. To strike an opponent under the chin so hard they find themselves unable to defend themselves, lost high into the air for a second attack. Just like the first move he always saw Kouyou use. It was more advanced than any Taijutsu he had ever tried to learn before, but he was ready to dedicate himself to getting this technique right, and to mastering how it might be used for him. A surprise Taijutsu strike to leave a person vulnerable to his more devastating techniques in Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu, or even more Taijutsu. The possibilities were nearly limitless, which is why he put so much work into other branches, and other trees, so he had as many tools at his disposal as possible.
Before anything, Kin began to limber up. He began to stretch his arms, his legs, and his joints. He had only recently awoke, and that meant his body was a bit stiff and not ready for the intensity of what he was about to try. With some deep breaths he went through his morning stretching routine, making sure to flex his muscles, drawing chakra slowly to them as he does so, using resistance and positions, breathing, and mental control to get everything ready for the day. Once he loosened up a bit he began some basic Taijutsu, using strikes of all sorts, repetitive, slow, but focused more to awaken his muscles at first than to get anything done. He strikes with his knees, with his shins, heels, and other parts of his feet, as well as multiple points on his hands and arms. He felt the blood rushing to his muscles as he begins to strike a bit faster, a bit harder, until his breathing becomes a bit more labored and he knows he's ready to take on the real task of the day. Leaf Rising Wind, argued to be one of the most difficult C ranked Taijutsu due to the large amount of chakra one needed to put to their leg and foot in order to send an opponent up flying high into the air, not to mention the accuracy one needed in order to strike in just the right place to leave them helpless to react. He had a lot of work to do if he planned to ever get this done right.

His first step was to make sure the chakra would flow to his foot in the massive quantities it needed to, and to do so quickly. He begins to slowly breath inwards, and outwards, as he would move and channel the chakra from deep in his belly, rapidly down to his foot in the massive amount that it needed to be there. He wasn't used to molding his chakra quite like this, as he hasn't had to use so much of it before in such a small condensed area. He remembers his breathing pattern, and begins to draw chakra from his belly to his feet. First to his left, then to his right, practicing each one of them in succession. He needed to make sure that it felt as natural as possible, and as quick as possible, to allow him to get the next part right. He would move his hips, drawing in kinetic energy from the ground as the chakra moved along with the Kinetic energy, as he positions and crouches low, before driving his foot upwards in a singular, powerful kicking motion, letting the chakra hit his foot at the same time the kinetic energy is maximized in the strike. He had already figured this would be how it would work best, letting both forces drive as hard as they could upwards at the same time. But there was so much bloody force involved, and Kin hadn't expected it, as his hips overextend and he almost dislocates his leg. His only chance is to move with the kick as he sends himself spinning in a crash to the ground hard.

He took his time getting up, assessing any damage. Minor bruising and stress on his muscles. He could feel his body naturally fixing this, as he would take a bit, slowly walking with a limp until the limp goes away. He jumps up and down a few times, gives a few regular kicks, when he's sure he's back at one hundred percent, he looks over to the newest tool he has here. It's a large, leather bag, stitched up tight and full of bakers flour. A heavybag, essentially, to be used specifically for this move. He knew he would need something resembling a human body, but he didn't think he'd need to use it this early on. He stands the large bag up, it must have weighed almost 80 Kilos. It was a lot of flour, and a lot of leather. He would have it standing up, with the face crudely drawn on of a certain Uchiha with his Sharingan and his cocky arrogant smile. Kin would wipe that damn smile off his face if it was the last thing he did. He would move back a bit, pacing his steps as he would slide in and moves his hips, again drawing the kinetic energy from the ground, and having the chakra move and flow side by side with it as he kicks up hard to drive into the target, but the force just isn't enough. He hits the kinetic energy and the Chakra infusion at different times, and the dummy is launched backwards into a rock, but not up into the air as it should be. This was going to be a loooooong day.

Time and time again, Kin would try the kick. Sometimes, he could get the strike and everything in unison, but he would miss the right timing or the right area, and instead of launching it into the air, he would launch it back or to the side. Other times the energies didn't collapse in at the right times, but this is why he trained. He lept forth again, this time feeling he had it down. He spun his hips a bit, the energy moving from the ground into his muscles, the twisting of his thigh and the whip like motion of the leg multiplying and focusing the energies. The chakra moved along the same path, and then he struck hard under the 'chin' of his Uchiha dummy, sending it flying high up into the air completely defenseless. Kin grinned wickedly at this, it worked, but this was no reason to let up now. He leaps into the air after it and again would deliver kick, after stunning kick, his body wearing from the sheer use of Chakra, and the strain this was putting on him. He was breathing heavily now, and sweating an immense ammount. Two more kicks is all he could do, as the bag lands hard to the ground tearing open spilling it's floury guts all over the place. Kin landed on the ground, panting almost as he gave a cheer of victory to himself. He'd show Kouyou his new trick in their next sparring session.

Damn that river looked comforting. Kin stripped himself down, and jumped into the icy cold waters, away from prying eyes, to relax himself. His eyes close as he feels the water run over him, and he can't help but smile and grin like some kind of an idiot. He couldn't wait to use this.

Leaf Rising Wind
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 4
RP Description: The user focuses enough chakra into their kick, that when they kick the opponents jaw they go flying into the air.
PVP Effect: Rank Damage + 1d4/2 (Min. 1) + One Round Stun
Special Note: Due to the difficulty of learning this technique, It is learned as B rank rather than C rank.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – B Rank
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Imitation is a form of Flattery (Kinnojo Taijutsu Training)
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