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 The Aburame and the Wasp

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PostSubject: The Aburame and the Wasp   Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:52 pm

 Eiji calmly made his way from the clan home-space. It was early in the morning, the sky was clear, and birds were chirping. The village was alive with the bustle of daily beginning; it was during this time he found it easiest to get out in.  There was always something going on this early as people began their days the way they always did.

 This day felt different, however. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something stirred within him causing great discomfort. And no sooner had he realized this than the moment he felt a sudden sting behind his neck, his hand swatting the spot out of pure reflex as his body lurched forward in surprise. It was then he saw the wasp; the little bugger buzzing away from him tauntingly.

 As an Aburame, Eiji hadn't often had to worry about insects and much less did he get annoyed by them. After all he'd grown up among various kinds, and until now had never thought that any would pose such an annoying threat. As his anger boiled over he took a step forward as if to taunt the wasp then shook his right hand toward it. "Y-you little runt! I'm gonna turn you into wasp carrion!"

 Letting his anger get the best of him Eiji began chasing after the critter, drawing the attention of various villagers. Though they quickly deemed him a weirdo and did their best not to stare, it was hard to resist watching him frantically (and futilely) chase after it. This was how he spent much of his morning, up until around lunch. By then his anger had calmed down; the chase had worn him out...

But this was the beginning of war, and not one he would lose so easily!

 (To be continued)
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The Aburame and the Wasp
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