Naruto brought back to NWN.
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If you want this back up PM me on the Forums (Host) Kurama I have a stable host platform now and am willing to have this going again with limited DM activity. It would be purely just for fun, no complaining no BS. Current Public IP

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 Tadashi Matsunaga

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PostSubject: Tadashi Matsunaga   Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:34 am

Name: Tadashi Matsunaga
Other names: ???
Age: ???
Village: Konoha
Element: Lightning
Skills: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Stealth, Strategist
Rank:  Genin
Squad: -
Additional Info: A child with a dark past, he lives alone and never takes off his Mask. He always wears clothing without exposing his skin. It is rare to see his face. His goal is to rise the ranks, becoming stronger through experience on his own, whilst trying to evolve his manhood into a demon. It is obvious his past has influenced this goal, however for someone with a "cursed heart", he still tries to enjoy life. For someone who is young, he holds a very strong mind in strategy.

List of Jutsu



List of Purchases


Training Log


Battle Information

HP: 47
CP: 51
Toolbag/Item List:
1d6 Base Damage, -1 Penalty (Duel Wield: +1d4 - 1 (Min 1) Damage, -2 Penalty)
-Kunai x3
-Combat Kunai x1
-Shuriken x3
-Explosive Tag x1
-Ninja Wire x1
-Assassin Dagger x2 [-1 pentalty]
-Short Katana x1 [-1 penalty]

Friends List

/Neutral List

-Yume Keikai [Rival]
-Jirou Daitan
Enemy List
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Tadashi Matsunaga
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