Naruto brought back to NWN.
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If you want this back up PM me on the Forums (Host) Kurama I have a stable host platform now and am willing to have this going again with limited DM activity. It would be purely just for fun, no complaining no BS. Current Public IP

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 Chunin Exams

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PostSubject: Chunin Exams   Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:02 pm

I am curious about when these types of events usually happen? study
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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:01 pm

They don't. DM Staff and friends get promoted. Then they consider everyone else.

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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:36 pm

Don't listen to Ectheledhel. The Chuunin exams are currently being planned, and times will be decided by the player base.
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PostSubject: Re: Chunin Exams   

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Chunin Exams
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