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 The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc)

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The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc) Empty
PostSubject: The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc)   The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc) EmptyTue Feb 10, 2015 7:37 am

Episode 1: This Creak Runs Deep! Follow it Down!

On his way back from the training woods, Hirui stopped by the old family dojo, pausing to give the outside another once-over. Wonder who rents the place out these days... and what they use it for. Looks about the same on the outside, mayyyybeee... one of the windows are unlocked? Not like I'm going to steal anything. Humming quietly, Hirui scratches his cheek, taking a few seconds to peek every which way. It was getting dark, and no one probably lived in there. Hopefully. In a casual stride, he approaches the front door, giving it a few knocks and waiting. No answer... with a few small tugs to the handle, he confirms its locked status, shuffling around and taking long steps along the walls. Man, it's been so long... but! It seems no one's home at least. Unless they're passed out. Gotta be sneaky. Alright Hirui, first mission! Infiltrate the old dojo and see what information you can strike up!

Mission Accepted! Aaaand- start! Picking up his pace, Hirui runs along the side of the dojo, reaching the window to the back office and poking his tongue out against the inside of his cheek, testing the lock; the window gives a bit of a creak and lifts a centimeter. Nice! Okay, let's try to make this smooth. Hirui carefully peeks around in the alleyway, hand drifting into one of the pouches at his side to draw out a kunai, wedging its tip between the sill and the window, slowwwwly lifting it upward. His lips blanch in his focus while the window cracks upward, squeaking and settling at the halfway point, dust billowing outward. Ghah! Does no one even use the office?! Geez, I'm going to have to clea-- no no no, not the time, Hirui. When we buy it back, we can get to scrubbing this place. Alright, let's see what we have here...

Diving under the window, Hirui makes sure to carefully close the window behind as he takes his first few careful steps to minimize the creak of the floorboards. So far, so good... they really don't use the office, do they? Dust is everywhere. Getting dark too- let's fix that, shall we? Taking one more glance around in the gloomy room, Hirui draws his hands together into a ram seal, quickly drawing his chakra up through his body as two more are flitted through; Hitsuji-Tatsu-Tori, Yoton! Sae no Kokoro! With a few blinks, the off-grey shadiness of the room lit up to a dawn's bloom, the various pages littering the floor scattered about, confirming his suspicions. Maybe... father didn't ever give up the key to the room? Then why was the window unlocked?! Geez. Hirui sighs and wipes some clinging dust from his hair, turning to plant his ear to the door- after wiping its surface off and dusting his hand on his pantleg of course. No movements I can hear... okay, I guess I'm clear enough. Wonder if any of these documents are from when father owned the dojo?

Stepping more casually around the room, Hirui starts to gather some of the papers off the floor, spying an oddity undearneathe the dusty desk while stacking up the pages- Ehh- woah, hold on, is that... the clan symbol? Wow, it's been a while since I saw that! Gotta be sure though... He brushes his hand back and forth over the wooden spirals with a scrunch of his nose in disgust- this place really needed to be taken care of- and pauses as the dull thunk of wood dropping and grinding adjusted behind. Is that the door?! Oh, shi-! Hirui's neck twists to watch the entrance to the room, which seems to remain oddly still for the noise. But... then, what -was- that? It did sound like it was coming from further in. With a heavy swallow, Hirui twists the lock on the office to open, pressing his shoulder flat to the surface to steady the door's opening, taking a few small steps into the main dojo. There was definitely... in the middle of the dojo...

The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc) Trap

The hell is that? Seriously? Is that a new installation or what? Someone's doing some shady business in the dojo now? He grumbles quietly to himself, looking up to the ceiling, then all around to the various dummies still in place, some of them new, a few wooden replicas of weaponry lining the walls- people have definitely been using the dojo at least. Maybe that's where they are now though? Downstairs... this is some shady stuff! Maybe a peek won't hurt... I mean, I popped open the door, they're bound to know I'm here anyways. What if it's some meeting place? Or something worse? Ghahhh- maybe I should wait and bring Mokuhi with me. But then she might get hurt! Dammiiiitttt! Hirui rubs his forehead with his internal struggling, staring at the popped panel for several long seconds that melded into minutes, before cursing underbreath and padding to the trapdoor and nudging its lid with his foot carefully, peeking down and squinting. The shaft wasn't all that deep, and it seemed to reach down into a stone foundation for the dojo. No light means no people though I bet! Whew... or they'll kill me without me seeing. Egh... no no no, by now they would've moved! I'm alone, I got this!

Shaking off his hesitance, Hirui lowers himself down carefully into the basement, coughing quietly and waving the dust that plumes up to his landing away, squinting with teary eyes. I thought that upstairs was bad... Eugh... okay that rules out anyone using this place in the last -decade-. He steps further in, peering about. Various tapestries sewn with the Irozameru clan heraldry line the walls, though some of them are a bit off-colour it seems. No doubt about it, this place hasn't seen any care in a looong time. A few weapons adorn the hooks along the walls, but most of them are gone; Bet that all of the decent blades got sold before the dojo was... hrn... wait, what's that in the back? Two chests spread across the walls, angled in on each other. The lacquer was faded, but one was black, the other decorated white. Hirui approaches the white chest with insatiable curiosity, passing his hand over its latches, which suddenly POP open, flinging it open with another billowing puff of dust! KFFPTHTH! What!? Why?! Sputtering and wiping the grey specks off of his face, Hirui squints into its contents; several scrolls of different colours, most shades of grey likely meant to be actual hues of some sort some time ago. What's in these? ...Huh... I should probably take a few and leave before someone actually does hear me down here. But I need to check this place out again... let's take a quick look inside the other chest just in case there's something else, thennnn...

His thoughts draw off as Hirui does the same to the black container, though it seems to refuse to budge. He cautiously tries to lift the latches manually then, pausing as neither seem to give, then grunting with more solid effort, not a hint of a push given. Ghrrn-nn! Geez, no dice. Okay, let's just.. take a couple of scrolls from the open one, close it back down, and head home. Let's hope the scrolls were sealed enough that the ink didn't dry up. Sighing with a quiet nod, Hirui retrieves a few of the lighter-shaded scrolls and closes the latches of the chest, making his way back up to slide the trapdoor into place and lock the office on his way out, a heavy sigh leaving his lips once the chill of the night air greets his cheeks. Took longer than I intended down there, I guess. Father's gonna be pissed. But... He takes a moment to double-check the pouch he crammed the scrolls into, just to make sure they made it out. Worth it! I hope.

The night bit his nose just a bit more harshly that evening. It remained to be seen where else he might get bitten before all of this was over.

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The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc)   The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc) EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 12:22 pm

Episode 2: What's Inside Chest Number Two?! Get to the Heart of the Matter!

It'd been a couple of days since Hirui had been at the dojo, though this time he wasn't alone. He dragged Mokuhi out of bed for this trip tonight... but she needed to see what was down there too. This was something important, he could feel it. The air was warm and muggy this evening with the rainfall last night, and it was still cloudy- good weather for hiding an approach if he did say so himself! Even if it was sort of just happenstance.

Mokuhi yawned behind him, rubbing her eyes and giving the back of his head a flat stare." 'Rui-nii, how long is this going to take? I haven't been sleeping well lately..."

"I just want to test a theory, Moku-nee. We'll be home within an hour, I promise!" ...Hopefully.

This time he knew which side street to approach from rather than fumbling about in front of the dojo, a small grin crossing along his lips as they turn the corner, just one block away from their destination. Hirui glances back to his weary sister, trying to share the warmth of his anticipation with his sister- though it seemed like she might be a bit too weary to reciprocate. She'll perk up once she sees everything downstairs... They turn the corner into the back alley, slowing their pace a good deal as they take stock of their surroundings, noting every bit of movement behind the windows along the way- it was a bit past dinner, so most people not sent out would probably be winding down.

"And... here we are." He murmurs as they come upon the subtly-nicked windowsill, pausing and giving the base a small, testing pull. Its creaking leaks out along the alleyways, causing him to wince and glance back down to Mokuhi, whose expression still hadn't seemed to change from the trip itself.

"You're going to wake everyone on the block up at this rate, 'Rui-nii. Stop messing around so we can get back home after you sink into the life of a depraved home-robber so I can sleep off the shame."

"Oh come o-"He paused for a moment to cough and lower his voice, frowning faintly. Sometimes Mokuhi was too harsh with her jokes, jabbing at her brother like that. "Come on, Moku-nee. This dojo used to be ours, and since it's out on rent, it just means we're checking it out to see if we want to use it, that's all. Plus I don't think the buyers know about the basement, so it's best we reevaluate the price that was given to our father when he sold it." Nodding matter-of-factly, Hirui gave another sharp upward pull, the window scratching in a more muted manner as it opened up. He offers his sister a hand, taken to lift her inside with a careful wiggling about. "Juuuust be careful, I didn't get the chance to clean anything really-"

"Just hush and show me the basement, 'Rui-nii. You're talking too much." Mokuhi climbed entirely into the office, stepping in cautiously as ever inside and out of his vision.

"Fine... fine." Hirui sighs and pulls himself up, taking one more glance back and forth in the empty alleyway before sliding the window shut and turning around- he at least got to get most of the papers off the floor last time. One day, this office will be mine, and it's going to be spotless. -Spotless.- He nods once to himself before crouching down and reaching under the desk; sure enough the Irozameru clan symbol was still in place there as he places his hand over it, a dull white gleam sparking in his palm to the touch. The familiar hollow pop of wood sounded out in the main hall, causing his sister to tense and look back to him, her fingers cautiously lowered to her toolbelt.

"Rui'nii, you weren't going to check to see if anyone was out there before doing that? Come on." With a roll of her eyes, Mokuhi pushed her way into the main room, leaving Hirui to scratch behind his head and sigh roughly.

"Sorry, sorry- I'm just excited is all! I really want to see if my hypothesis is tr-" He stopped, noting that Mokuhi had already dropped down into the basement, grimacing to himself. She really is tired, huh... well I guess we should hurry up for her sake. Hurrying along, Hirui dropped down into the dim basement, focusing his chakra up to aid in the familiar darkness and jogging towards the back- seems like Mokuhi went straight for the throat of the matter.

"Right, so which one of these is the one you couldn't open?" She glanced back to her brother, eyes still drooped in weariness, pointing between the containers back and forth while stifling a quiet yawn with her other hand.

"The black one, actually. Wouldn't pop open when I tried to lift it, but then again I was pretty satisfied with what I found in the white trunk." Nodding to himself quietly, Hirui walks to the left chest and gives a demonstrative pull at the latches, the chest not so much as budging from the floor. "See? Stuck. I can't even move the chest at all."

"Eugh, just put your back into it- you want me to try and open it, or move it right?" Curtly, Mokuhi walked to the chest, giving Hirui a small nudge to his side. There was a certain reaction, a deepening of the gloom of the basement difficult to notice as she gave a simple flick of the latch, popping open to reveal another myriad of scrolls- purple and black- blinking to the apparent ease while the puff of dust billows outward. "Kfh- sometimes Hirui-nii... sometimes you make me wonder." Mokuhi shook her head and moved to nudge the chest with her foot, a minor shifting crack to its base.

"Always so mean... but it does confirm my suspicions at least. The chests are keyed to the clan somehow... and I'm guessing they were meant to open to siblings, maybe as a fail-safe for individuals that might go against it? Ah... but, the chest seemed to move a little when you kicked it! Maybe we can take this one home in its entirety? I'll just place back the scrolls I took from the other and take a few more." Excitement bubbled in his chest as Hirui dipped his hand into his pouches, drawing out the foursome of furled paper, popping open the pale trunk with nary a thought to it and exchanging them out, grinning widely. What he saw already helped him a great deal in his progress- what else could be hidden away in this basement? The prospect filled him with anticipation that he hadn't felt in a long time.

"I guess we could, yeah. So? Come on, get to it Nii'chan. I'm not carrying that thing out of here. Chop-chop." Mokuhi clapped twice and stood back, watching her brother swap out his scrolls with amusement playing at her lips for once, staying two steps ahead of him as she watched Hirui lug the lacquered chest over his shoulder, grunting quietly and padding along.

The way back was more casual than they expected. Calm with some exchanges of mutual excitement shared between the two at what might come- their hearts pounded in unison, and it turned into another sleepless night for one. It would be some time before either of them really found what laid at the bottom of the trunk beyond old scrolls and diagrams, but it was a start.
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The truth cuts deep! So point it at the Enemy! (Dark Dojo Discovery Arc)
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