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 Training Report: River Country to the Hokage office

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PostSubject: Training Report: River Country to the Hokage office   Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:14 pm

A letter is sent to the Hokage office. Sealed with the Aburame crest.

Honorable Administration:

On March 14th, a training exercise trip was prepared for the team. The location was the southern port of River country. The trip there proceeded with little interruption. Upon arrival, I have then explained to the team that the trip is a week long. The goal is to build team trust and combat readiness.

After learning the reason for the trip. Azumi displayed obvious resentment as she felt that the assignment would disrupt her duties with her family. I chose to allow Sora and Senri to explain that to her that there will come times when an assignment is given. One has to be prepared to spend a certain amount of time away from the village. If she believes her loyalties to her family are greater than to the village. Azumi as well as the others will be informed that if they feel that they can not perform the duties that is given to them. They are welcomed to place a letter of resignation but that any future attempt to rejoin will be rejected.

The remainder of the trip has proceeded as planned. Technique mastery, endurance and mock combat. All of which they have met with passing marks. Each showed intuitive insight to various condition changes and used all the abilities they have learned without fail.

For the next trip assignment. I wish to take them to Hot Water country to continue their experience by handling different climate locations more team work and bonding. That is all I have to report at this time.

Aburame, Ana. Chunin of Fire Country

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Training Report: River Country to the Hokage office
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