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 7) Stat Guidelines

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PostSubject: 7) Stat Guidelines   Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:43 pm

Stats on our Server Grant Bonuses Based on What they are based on and how they react, in the way of the powers on the characters themselves. Brute force, speed and ability, powers and capabilities, chakra concentration and capabilities, and more. Bonuses are only gained when making the roll with the stat chosen, unless an ability / clan / bloodline / Jutsu states otherwise (E.G Rolling an taijutsu attack with DEX does not gain STR, but using a Ninjutsu that the ATK rolls is done with DEX gains WIS burst bonus damage according to users WIS Mod). This does not apply to CON or CHA which apply universally across all Jutsu and any DMG taken. All stat bonuses apply to the Active Cap, not to the passive cap.

Strength measures your Characters Brute force and power, the stronger your character the most skill and ability to attack and deal massive damage to their targets with their physical abilities and destructive powers themselves, with nothing but their bodies.

10 - 14 MOD: +2 to Kenjutsu / Taijutsu DMG
15-19 MOD: +3 to Kenjutsu / Taijutsu DMG
20-24 MOD: +4 to Kenjutsu / Taijutsu DMG
25 MOD: +5 to Kenjutsu / Taijutsu DMG

*Note: STR Damage bonus only applies if the attack roll is done with STR or if the clan/ability/jutsu states that it is applied.

Dexterity is the characters speed, reflexes, agility and skill. The higher it is the faster and most skilled the character can be, allowing them to, if their lucky enough, dance around an attack and suffer only a 'Glancing Blow' instead of taking the full force of the attack itself on them, as well as faster to draw, faster to attack first and escape from attacks and ambushes.

10 - 14 MOD: +2 INIT / Escape Rolls
15-19 MOD: +3 INIT / Escape Rolls
20-24 MOD: +4 INIT / Escape Rolls
25 MOD: +5 INIT / Escape Rolls

Constitution is your characters tolerance to pain itself, their endurance, durability against damage and their bones density and strength. The higher their bodies endurance the stronger their bodies ability to keep on going when the going gets tough, so to speak.

10 - 14 MOD: +1 DR vs HP DMG
15-19 MOD: +2 DR vs HP DMG
20-24 MOD: +3 DR vs HP DMG
25 MOD: +3 DR vs HP DMG, +5 Total HP

Wisdom is the sheer core of a characters chakra network, it represents their chakra amount and how devastating and powerful it is when released into the world and combined with other forms of chakra and energy itself. The stronger the chakra core, the stronger the use of Ninjutsu and powerful techniques.

10 - 14 MOD: +1d4 Ninjutsu Burst DMG*
15-19 MOD: +1d6 Ninjutsu Burst DMG*
20-24 MOD: +1d8 Ninjutsu Burst DMG*
25 MOD: +1d8 Ninjutsu Burst DMG*, +5 Total CP

*Burst - Damage that is normal on-impact, meaning a Ninjutsu that deals 2d8 Basic damage, period. Or 2d6 Basic Damage to 2 Targets. Not Damage per Round, ext.

Intelligence is the ability of how character can utilize their mind, allowing them to formulate plans, gather their skills and assets rapidly for strategic movements and plans, and utilize their Genjutsu to a better degree, allowing them to essentially be able to wield their traps and counter escapes with a more strategic and creative mindset.

10 - 14 MOD: +5 Skill Rolls, +1 Genjutsu DC*
15-19 MOD: +10 Skill Rolls, +2 Genjutsu DC*
20-24 MOD: +15 Skill Rolls, +3 Genjutsu DC*
25 MOD: +20 Skill Rolls, +3 Genjutsu DC*

Genjutsu DC - Genjutsu DC is the DC for attempting to escape a Genjutsu, AFTER the initial Attack roll. E.G Fail Defence Roll of 25 vs Genjutsu. Next round, try to escape, DC is now 28 to escape.

Charisma represents a character amount of focus and skill related to their chakra, it doesn't represent the sheer power and amount of chakra that Wisdom does, instead it measures the characters amount of skill with it in controlling it with their Jutsu. A high amount of charisma allows a character to wield Jutsu far more rapidly and using less chakra for more, so to speak in combat.

10 - 14 MOD: -1 Jutsu CP Cost (Min 1)
15-19 MOD: -2 Jutsu CP Cost (Min 1)
20-24 MOD: -3 Jutsu CP Cost (Min 1)
25 MOD: -3 Justu CP Cost (Min 1), +1 to Ninjutsu DMG / Genjutsu Drain

Genjutsu Drain - Genjutsu Drain is CP damage that is "Drained" via a genjutsu technique. Genjutsu Drain is applied every round that the target is trapped within a genjutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: 7) Stat Guidelines   Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:48 pm

(Updated - 21st December)
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7) Stat Guidelines
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