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 Finding His Way. Hayate Mamoru's Will of Fire

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Rock Lee

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PostSubject: Finding His Way. Hayate Mamoru's Will of Fire   Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:24 am

Upon Graduation from the Academy Hayate stepped outside the doors of the entrance to the Academy his headband held tightly in his grasp, mixed feelings to how he had preformed during the exam and the excitement of the realization that on this day he had become a Genin of Konohagakure. Slowly raising the headband towards his forehead he'd dawn his new title and responsibilities as suddenly a puff of smoke appears before him as the headband tightens his eyes lifted from the floor to the man standing before him, the unkept and rebellious black hair would sway at the mercy of the wind as the mans light blue eyes would fall on Hayate. Sliding his hands into his pockets he'd look Hayate over a moment before exhaling slowly a sigh. " So your my Genin Hmm. Now I've been tasked by your previous Sensei in your additional classes to oversee and help you train further and perhaps help you find yourself a focus or a path at least. My name is Hizashi Kishiro. I am not your Squad Leader, I am your Sensei. That is how you will refer to me, Understood ? " Hayate would slowly nod his head to Hizashi a moment before giving him his usual big smile and runs up to Hizashi as he stares up to him with a glimmer in his eyes. " Hizashi-Sensei! Your so cool! How did you do that !? " Sighing slightly Hizashi would look to Hayate before reaching a hand on to place it ontop of Hayate's head. " Hayate. Calm down and tell me about yourself. Before we get started. " Hopping back twice Hayate would smile as he'd state firmly and proudly. " My name is Hayate Mamoru, Son of the Carpenter of Konohagakure, Akira Mamoru. Genin of Konohagakure. I like to eat a lot of fruits manly apples and Kiwis, love kiwis... " Raises his hand to stop him. " I only need to know your name, and why you became a Shinobi. I already know your abilities. " Pausing a moment Hayate would smile big as he spoke. " I became a Shinobi to protect the very homes and those that live within them, that my family helped build. I am a Carpenters Son; But I am now, a Shinobi! " Smirking a moment to Hayate nodding a bit towards his resolve before handsealing calmly and placing his palm to Hayate's forehead before locking in the release Seal as they'd suddenly appear at the Training woods leaves fluttering at the intense speed of their arrival to the area Hizashi would look Hayate over a moment as he'd take a step back and tosses a scroll to him. Catching the scroll Hayate would look to Hizashi then back to the scroll, upon opening the scroll he'd begin to read over the instructions as Hizashi stood to the side quietly observing Hayate before smiling as Hayate notices the pattern of the various words on the scroll and slowly deciphered the scroll and began to read calmly before nodding he'd begin to grow through each of the handseals repeatedly. Slow and precise as he'd work his hands through each of the movements Hayate would watch calmly as he'd notice the precision  Hayate took upon himself to muster in each of the seals. Despite being slower then average in his handseals the precision and focus it takes to develop such precision was rather high suffling through his things calmly he'd toss a book to Hayate's feet. " Start reading that... Tomorrow, the real training begins. " reaching down to pick the scroll and the book up Hayate would read over the title ' Anatomy 101 - Way to become a Medical Shinobi ' as he'd smile big and looks to Hizashi " Hai Hizashi-Sensei! " as Hayate sounded off Hizashi disappeared as dust lifted from the ground.


Name : Hizashi Kishiro
Rank : Jounin
Elements : Raiton , Katon , Doton
Age : 32
Hair : Black
Eyes : Blue
Focus : Primary( Ninjutsu ) , Secondary ( Genjutsu ) , Tertiary ( Taijutsu )
Experience : 15 Years of teaching at the Academy, 4 Years of Service on the frontlines(1 of which served during the last Shinobi War)
Information : Was offered the Job of Head of the Academy twice, but turned it down to continue his role as a regular Academy teacher to remain close to the students and the next generations of the village. He became an instructor at the Academy at the age of 17 after serving his duties on the frontlines of the last Shinobi war. Known for his ingenuity with his techniques is why he was accepted into the teachings of the students of the Academy and thorough knowledge of the chakra network and ways to enhance and reduce the amount of chakra utilized for still maximum output, which was critical for his survival and preformance in the last shinobi war.
Fighting Style : While Ninjutsu is his primary focus as a Shinobi he uses it as support to his Taijutsu whereas he utilizes two custom made bladed knuckles infused with lightning chakra to allow him to make quick and precise cuts with the blade and rip through the opponents guard. Whilst utilizing his Ninjutsu to finish the task of eliminating his opponent.
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Rock Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Finding His Way. Hayate Mamoru's Will of Fire   Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:06 pm

Sitting on his bench idly drawing an outline of the human body as he'd look from the book to his notepad. Taking each moment to take in the basic anatomy of the body, drawing circles on the areas of the drawing where the nervous system is most sensitive and would draw down the notes and medical terminology of each of these areas. Humming to himself softly he'd turn the page and jot down some more notes onto his notepad his eyes scanning along the page of the book before suddenly Hizashi appears beside him crouched next to the bench staring at Hayate. Jumping suddenly as Hizashi appeared Hayate would giggle a moment. " Whoa Hizashi-sensei! You scared me! " continues to laugh a moment as Hizashi would smile breifly before smacking Hayate upside the back of his head. " Shut up Hayate. Its not funny to get scared. " blinking a moment Hayate would stop laughing before giving Hizashi his usual big smile. " Alright Hayate, we're going to start off with some physical training. Granted I will severely decrease my capabilities to level my skills out to -about- as strong as you... Because I need to test your abilities. So feel free to begin whenever you'd wish Hayate. " Staring at Hizashi a moment Hayate would turn his attention back to the book as he'd continue to jot down some notes, a few minutes begin to pass before suddenly Hayate would swing a kick about from the bench towards Hizashi's head whom simply leans back and watches the kick pass by before rolling backwards and to his feet watching Hayate approach quickly as he'd raise his hands to ward off each of the strikes. Taking a mental note Hizashi notices Hayate's capability for patience, studious nature, and his quick yet still pretty strong strikes towards Hizashi as he'd turn and smack Hayate in the side of the head and thrust him down into the ground before shifting and kicking Hayate in the gut to launch him along the ground. " Going to have to be quicker then that. " pushing himself up to his feet hed race after Hizashi moving quickly as he'd try to leap into the air and send a kick towards his chest as Hizashi would stand firm calmly watching Hayate's foot hit his chest before grabbing him by the ankle and slinging him to the ground and leaping back away from him. oO( What do I do ? I keep getting beaten on every time he and I train together. And I cant seem to hurt him when I hit him ... ) looking back to his book a moment as he'd stand up and begin to dart towards Hizashi chakra beginning to outline his hands as he'd shift from side to side thrusting his palms and moving to touch grab graze anything as Hizashi's eyes would widen dodging each of the palms before spinning to launch a heel towards Hayates stomach and launch him back away from him. oO( Oh shit... What the hell was that... ). Only skidding along the ground Hayate would halt and look onto Hizashi as the jounin would blink a moment and watches as Hayate darts towards him once again being forced to dodge each of these palms as they approach him as he'd pause a moment as he moved to send another heel towards Hayate's chest he'd feel a sharp pain shooting up his leg as Hayate had side stepped the heel and placed his hand on Hizashi's leg the chakra leaking through his body as it severs muscle fibers forcing Hizashi to take a knee as he'd raise a hand to Hayate to tell him to stop as he hold his hand to his leg looking to the lack of any form of laceration to his skin. " We're done for today Hayate... Go home. " Nodding a moment Hayate would look to Hizashi a bit confused before slipping off with his things.
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Finding His Way. Hayate Mamoru's Will of Fire
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