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If you want this back up PM me on the Forums (Host) Kurama I have a stable host platform now and am willing to have this going again with limited DM activity. It would be purely just for fun, no complaining no BS. Current Public IP


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Greetings Players!

Taking a moment of your time, I will be explain how Complaints / Concerns will be handled from now and who / where they go. From now on, DM Asuma has been appointed the head of our HR (Human Resources) for the server, and will be handling the majority of the complaints. I will also be handling complaints, but a completely different set of complaints. Below is explained what type of complaints go to who.

DM Asuma) Complaints related to Other Players / Server Balancing / Rules and /or any decision made about a PC and / or something that effects the PC will be sent to Asuma. He will read over the complaints and decide if it can be handled by himself or need to be passed onto the DM Team to come up with a collective decision. If he can complete the complaint on his own, he will do so and then post on our DM Forums about the decision that was made so the rest of the DM Team knows. If it is a collective decision, it will be posted where the DM's can read over it and have a discussion as to what we think should happen. However, if this happens, Asuma will always keep in contact with the complaint-ant and the complaint-tee to let them know what is going on. Asuma will be the one that is ultimately in charge of the over all out come, and possibly, if it comes to it, punishment.

Admin Sasori) I, personally, will be handling any complaints to do with the DM Team / Server Plot and anything else that does not fall under Asuma's jurisdiction. I will handle all complaints the same way as Asuma, and ultimately will decide on how the outcome will be. In this instance, if the complaint is about another member of the DM Team, I will try to handle them on my own, and unless I can not come up with a decision, I will post it for the rest of the team to read. Following the rules that Asuma is set to, of course, and allowing for things to carry on with little problems.

One last thing, all complaints are private, this means, that if the person making the complaint wants to remain anonymous, Asuma and I will be the ONLY two that will know who makes what complaint. This is to insure that all complaints are handled on a professional level. Now, I hope this explains anything that you are question, and I hope that we can keep all of you happy.

Sincerely, Admin Sasori and your DM Team.
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Human Resources
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