Naruto brought back to NWN.
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 The story of Kotoyo's imprisonment.

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DM Iruka

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PostSubject: The story of Kotoyo's imprisonment.   Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:04 pm


Kotoyo, finding a new sense of hope in saving himself from the demon which constantly eats away at him, now meditates. A meditation so deep, that he forgets to eat for the entirety of the first day which he spends in the Kumogakure dungeon. During his meditation sessions, he practices with his control, with the chains. He will spawn one at a time, the armor in random locations of his body. Though the first few hours prove that he has no control, as numerous chains would explode at once, scaring the prisoners kept nearby. Whispers can be heard at the nights by Kotoyo from the other prisoners… one such is as follows:
“What is that thing? What demon do they have us in here with?”
“Whatever the hell it is, I don’t want to piss it off. Those bars don’t seem strong enough to hold it in there…”

These whispers in the dark, in the day, when Kotoyo meditates, they all reach him. He begins to question himself as the time goes on, putting his very existence into perspective.

“Who am I really? What am I? Am I even human? The way which Aoioki looked at me when she saw the chains underneath the skin. . . that tells me I must not be fully human. I simply am existing as more than human. . . I am a monster. I am the embodiment of a hell on earth and need to find a way to control this.”
“These men… they fear me. They fear everything about me. Maybe that is my purpose? I’m here to strike fear into the hearts of other. No… no. That’s not what I want. That’s not who I want to be. I want to be someone who does good in my life. But I can’t control my inner demons, I can’t control myself. I can’t control what I am…”

The first meal of the new day is brought before him, slid through the bars of his cell. The guard scoffs at him before heading off to the next prisoner and slopping down on a tray the exact same slosh. Kotoyo happily takes the meal however, knowing full well that he must keep his strength up. He’s decided to train fully while within this confinement, building up so that when he leaves he will be stronger, and able to contain the chains with much more ease. Well that’s the plan anyways, whether it happens or not… that’s a different story entirely.
“Slosh again… oh well, I can accept it. I will use this time to become stronger than I was. Even if the improvement is miniscule, I will continue, I will grow. Not only as a person, but also as a demon, I will learn to become and control what I fear most. I will be the demon in chains, once again Tsunetomo’s legacy will continue on. I will not dishonor him, I will not bring shame upon the Kichida name. Not again, not ever. This is my resolve, I will conquer my fears. I will conquer my own body. I will become a Kichida. I will once again earn the name bestowed to me at birth, as I clearly am not good enough now.”

Through the next several hours, Kotoyo finds ways to improve himself, first starting off with his physical body. Training to run in such a small area is worthless, so he trains in Taijutsu, his open palm style, attempting to perfect it as he slaps against the outer wall. He sets goals for the day, for himself to match: The first being that he will speed up his body, starting with his arms.
Over his training session he counts out loud, each and every hit…
“One… two... three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine…ten..” After each hit, he would sound out heavily and continue along the way until he’s put one hundred hits into the wall. After one hundred his were completed, his hands would be bleeding profusely. The chains offer little protection from the extensive training that Kotoyo is going through right now. He is literally putting his all into this, he wants to be better. He wants to be a much better person than he is currently. Without doing anything to his hands, he goes back through, meticulously with another one hundred, but this time faster. He increases the pace as he speaks outloud.

“I will be stronger, I will become more powerful. I will learn to control these; first we start with the body, then the mind, then the soul. I will conquer this; I will become a great weapon!”

The guard seems to chuckle as he makes another pass, writing Kotoyo off as some kind of scum who got caught. But he doesn’t mind, that’s how he would rather have it. For now, he is scum, the lowest form of such and is breaking himself down so that he can rebuild himself. He finishes the next one hundred hits, the wall now covered in his blood. From there he moves to the center of the room and sits down, beginning his ritualistic meditation practice.

“No pain… there is only strength. It means I am still alive. Now… time to build my mind up. I am weak, I am pathetic, but I shall fix that. First… what is my problem? I do not know what or who I am… so let’s seek an identity.”

“I am Kotoyo, that is my name. But who am I? I am the son of Keito and Chiyoe Kichida. What am I? I am a shinobi of the village hidden in the clouds. I am a demon in chains, and the heir to this great gift presented to me through Tsunetomo.”

As he reaches this conclusion, a visitor appears in front of him. Aonu had come to see him there, and whether Kotoyo really admitted it or not, he was glad to see her. He stood up and walked over to the bars of his cell… [To be Continued]
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DM Iruka

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PostSubject: Re: The story of Kotoyo's imprisonment.   Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:39 am

The First Night

Tossing and turning in his bunk, Kotoyo found little reprieve from the images of days past.  Everything that had ever haunted him seems to have come back with a vengeance. Images of the little girl, now known as Izumi, flow through his head and torture him once more.  Once again he sees the images of her capture by the bandits, then of them tying her down once again.  

He jumps in his slumber, waking up to the sight of the chains once more. They now coat his entire cell, and seem to be growing larger and larger, filling the room with nothing but dark, bloodied chains. As they come closer, filling the room with nothing but chains, his body grows tense and he realizes then that he has no control of his body, or of the chains. They grow closer and closer, turning into a sea of chains pounding against each other and creating the most foul screeching that anyone had ever heard.  The sound would be that of a rusty steel beam, grinding against another beam while simultaneously being sand blasted with more shards of metal. Kotoyo can do nothing more than watch in horror as they edge closer, closer, and closer, threatening to strangle him in his bed.  
“No… no… NOO…NOOO!!!”
As he yells, nothing comes out, just a failed grasp for air as nothing but a spew of chains wrench forth from his mouth in the place of words. Hundreds upon hundreds spew forth in such a manner that the last of the distance is closed in a mere seconds, and Kotoyo finds himself in pure blackness.

“What is this place? What is going on here? Shouldn’t I be dead? The chains were just filling the room entirely, I was just gagging on them…”
As if to answer his mental questions, a blue orb appears in the blackness, burning as a candle would in the darkness of a windowless room. It speaks with an otherworldly voice, seeming to echo out in the voices of every person he had ever met, ever heard speak.

“You are in a realm completely constructed by me, by us, by the universe itself. You are staring at your future Kotoyo.  Nothing but darkness, a cold flame in the dark staring back at you for the rest of your days.  The demon is coming Kotoyo, no matter how hard you train, no matter what you do, you will always be too weak to handle him. He will be controlled by no mortal… I will be controlled by no mortal. You are but a vessel so that I may live again, so that I may take out my revenge, and so that I may destroy much of your rotten plane.”

Kotoyo, floating deep in the black, staring at the guy stares deeply into the flame. His eyes narrow, and his mind begins racing…

“So this is him… this is the demon that was born with me. It seems this guy doesn’t understand how important my life is to me now. I’ll make sure to show him who can control who. However… I’ll let him make me stronger, I’ll use him. I promised not to use the chains in sparring, and not to strike the final blow… but once this clown thinks he is done with me, when he thinks he is going to overtake me, I’ll bend him to my will.”

Kotoyo laughs. Not any kind of laugh, but a deep bellow, a haunting dark laugh that would put the fear into the mortal man. On this plane of black, of darkness, of nothingness, wind begins to pick up, a powerful, destructive wind conjured up by Kotoyo. It slams into the blue-fire orb, sending it flying across the plane somewhere far back into the darkness. Kotoyo rushes forward, conjuring up a Katana, the wind channeling into the blade as he draws nearer to the orb. In desperation, the orb explodes outward, sending flames everywhere around Kotoyo. The flames expand out into a devil’s trap, the pentagram.  The lines drawn outward are of the fire, stemming from the orb, and pulsating with the deep blue coloration. The flames burn with the intensity of the earth’s core, a heat capable of melting any object that came within a few hundred feet of it, however Kotoyo continues on, driving the sword deep down into the orb…

He wakes up finally, and really. All around him everything is normal. There are no chains, there are no demons, and the area is lit barely by torchlight. He takes a long deep breath and hops out of bed, his body aching from the restless sleep.

“Man… that was some dream. Maybe I should meditate on it later today. It was so vivid, so… so real. I was there on that plane, I spoke to that orb. I even felt the flames on my skin… Oh well, no time to think about it, time to continue my training.”

And with that Kotoyo walks up to the wall -now stained in blood- and continues his speed training. This time ramping the numbers up to two hundred strikes on the wall, and an increase of speed with that. [to be continued]
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The story of Kotoyo's imprisonment.
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