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 Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]

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PostSubject: Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]   Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:15 am

¤Picture Appearance¤

"Huh-? I was listening, I swear. It wasn't your words, though. It was your tone, and where you glanced. I know what you really meant."
¤Basic Info¤
»Name: Hirui Irozameru [比類 色褪める]
»Age: 18
»Birthday: July 18th
»Gender: Male
»Orientation: Heterosexual
»Nickname(s): 'Rui [羸] by his elders
»Village: Konohagakure
»Rank: Chuunin, Squad 1 Leader, Tiger Squad
»Head-Band Style: Around Neck
»Occupation: Chuunin, Houseband(?)
»Outlook: Cautious Optimist
»Attitude: Concerned, Curious, Inconcise, Inconsistant
»Nature:Protective Rambler, Apologetically Bull-headed
»Demeanor: Grim Grins and Evasive Eyes
»Loves:Mokuhi-nee, New foods
»Likes:Kenjutsu Practice, Fish and savory foods, Food in general, Cooking for others
»Dislikes:Nin- and Genjutsu practice, Exerting himself, Dirty kitchens, Coming home to a filthy house
»Note(s): Enjoys traveling to and from Sunagakure for some reason
»Elemental Status: Yoton, Doton, Fuuton, Shioton
»Expertise of Choice: Kenjutsu, Culinary Arts
»Mother: Irozameru, Okibiki- Dead
»Father: Irozameru, Eikichi- Jounin, Konohagakure
»Sister: Irozameru, Mokuhi- Genin, Konohagakure
»Uncle: Irozameru, Gyōsei- KIA
»Aunt: Irozameru, Hakumei- MIA
»Cousin: Irozameru, Ryōsuke- Genin, Konohagakure
»Cousin: Irozameru, Komorebi- Genin, Konohagakure
¤Relationships (0-10)¤
Mokuhi-10 (We're really all we've got... I'll protect her no matter what it takes.)
Tadakuro, Kaiya-8 (I really like her smile, and we share a similar passion. The day seems a bit brighter with her around.)
Jakuren -8 (He's confident, and in his own way, he guides others. He might be rough around the edges, but I like him. He's my teacher- in sort of a life lesson kind of way.)
Hyuuga, Reina-7 (This is how I see a real noble. She bears her burdens with grace, that much I can see.)
Hasukan, Haru-7 (She's no joke... I hope I can watch her become a marvelous medical ninja.)
Irozameru, Ryosuke-6.5 (Pretty hard-working, I think he has to put up with a lot of things I do, with Rebi and all.)
Irozameru, Komorebi-6 (She doesn't work quite as hard as Ryosuke, but she's pretty nice; a little hyperactive when it comes to ninjutsu, but not in a bad way.)
Kaguya, Darius-6 (Tough luck being hunted, but he seems to be a pretty good guy who just didn't want to keep performing for Kiri.)
Jikodo, Shiuna-5.5 (An interesting girl shackled by the expectations of her clan. Gold Dust, huh....)
Murakumo, Gin-5.5 (A man with respectable goals. Smokes a lot, though. Need to get to know him better.)
Hyuuga, Azumi-5 (This girl's way too violent, but there's something about her straightforwardness that I like... hm...)
Shirayuki, Masaki-5 (Boisterous and straightforward. She's alright though. A bit... too open.)
Danao, Aonu-5 (Odd and quiet. Keeps her secrets like a real shinobi. Respectable.)
'Masquerade'-5 (Don't like that he didn't give a name, but he's also a Yoton user... maybe someday I'll get a real name.)
Akimichi, Garp- 5 (Boisterous and loud. Are all Akimichi this way? There's a sort of energy coming off of him that's infectious. In the wrong way.)
Hoshigake, Kujira-5 (A fellow chef. Pretty sure his... style is something I'm going to need to avoid, but that trip for treasure's tempting.)
Uchiha, Aion-5 (More quiet than Hiroshi, not out to show off at least.)
Yotsuki, Amariss-5 (Hospitable, decent enough. A little full of herself- but hey, she's a noble. She's allowed to be.)
Kimi, Meikyuu-4.5 (There's something about her presence that's off. She's also not from the village. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.)
Sugita, Yue-4 (I don't know if she realizes what it means to be a shinobi.. in terms of what's expected from her. Need to make sure she doesn't desert for her 'girlfriend'.)
Watabe, Senri-4 (I'm starting to understand why Azumi wants to punch him so often.)
Hoshigake, Mayuko-4 (She smells people and hugs them- really creepy. But so's her family in general. Nothing too bad.)
Irozameru, Eikichi-3.5 (He makes a mess and gambles away his earnings. I can't pity that man... but he does keep a roof over our heads somehow.)
Daitan, Zanto-3 (Out for nothing but a woman. Just a hound.)
Tsukichi, Amaya-3 (This girl's odd and tries to use her body to get her way... ghuh, her hugs are as creepy as Mayuko's.)
Shun-3 (Creepy guy, he's obviously up to no good wherever he goes- but at the same time... I don't think I could stop him if I tried.)
Kichida, Kazashi-3 (Belligerent idiot. Yo.)
Uchiha, Hiroshi-3 (Unnecessary force and showboating. He's a weak man to do what he did at the lake.)

"Just you and me in the end, Mokuhi. I promised mother I'd always take care of you..."

A Spark of Light:

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PostSubject: Re: Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]   Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:25 am




3 Kunai, 1 Combat Kunai, 3 Shuriken, 1 Explosive Tag, 1 Ninja Wire.




Non-Element Ninjutsu:






Forgotten Blood


»+6 Universal Learning Rolls.
»+5 Clan Jutsu Learning Rolls
»+10 to Taijutsu/Kenjutsu Learning Rolls.

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PostSubject: Re: Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]   Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:15 am

"What secrets have you been hiding from us, father-?"


Irozameru - (100 Tokens (Unrefundable))
Kenjutsu Specialization (Partial) - (50 Tokens (Swappable))
ACN - (125 Tokens- Paid out to DM Jiraiya)
Okibiki's Necklace - (55 Tokens- Paid out to DM Jiraiya)
18-20 Base Charisma (Genin) - (30 Tokens, Paid out to DM Jiraiya)
20-22 Base Charisma (Genin) - (30 Tokens, Paid out to DM Juugo)
12-16 Base Constitution (Chuunin) - (20 Tokens, Paid out to Konohamaru)
21-22 Base Strength (Chuunin) - (10 Tokens, Paid out to DM Rasa 3/4/16)
24-26 Base Charisma (Chuunin) - (30 Tokens, Paid out to DM Rasa 3/8/16)
26-28 Base Charisma (Chuunin) - (30 Tokens, Paid out to DM Rasa 3/10/16)

Total: 480
Ability Cap: 275 / 700
Item Cap: 55 / 500

(Unspent): 38

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PostSubject: Re: Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]   Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:54 pm







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PostSubject: Re: Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]   

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Irozameru, Hirui [比類 色褪める] [Chuunin]
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