Naruto brought back to NWN.
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 Yashanny Hoshigaki's bloody swim.

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PostSubject: Yashanny Hoshigaki's bloody swim.   Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:54 am

The Bloody Swim

Looking up at his adversary, Hei Uskada, whom he had gotten into a losing
battle with. Barely standing his legs bent a bit at the knees using his Nodachi
to lean on sinking the blade into the ground, his shark skin burnt in different
locations about his body from Hei's fiery Taijutsu, and blood dripping from his
mouth at a alarming rate into the grass. Yashanny realized quickly that he
overestimated his abilities while fighting out of his element, a severe lesson
he will not forget.

Taking his Nodachi out of the ground and bringing it above his head and then
dipping it behind him he would slide it down along his back into its sheath.
Knowing that to continue this fight would prove to possibly be fatal. Looking
up at Hei he would know at that instant that he was not finished, the look in
his eye and the body language showed Hei's intent and if Yashanny valued his
life he needed to get out of there.

his eyes quickly looking to the side then back to Hei as to not arise suspicion
from his adversary. Noting the water source that fed into the ocean not to far
from the two knowing that would be his best chance of getting out of the fight
without a fatal end for him. He knew he needed to find the perfect time to make
a run for it.

Right as he looked back at Hei, he would begin to speak out to Yashanny "Oh no.
you see..." Hei Reaching into his tool bag calmly "Now i have a message to
deliver to you..." As Hei begin to direct his attention to talking to Yashanny
and in the hopes Yashanny decided that it was either now or never "Maybe some
other time" Yashanny would cut him off would dart to the side with Hei darting
with him in the attempt to cut him off to finish what he had started.

Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through his veins that gave him the edge or
maybe he caught Hei off when he darted but as he made it to the water with Hei
on his heels he would jump as far as he could into a dive into the water just
barely making it to the water as Hei was right behind him. Without even daring
to look behind him to see if Hei jumped into the water behind him he would swim
as hard as he could deep and away from Hei as quick as possible.

As he swam for a bit he would look back to see if he was being followed even
though he knew that there was know way that anyone but a Hoshigaki would have
been able to keep up with him for so long. But stopping would have seemed to
make him realize that he had become very fatigued and the only thing that has
kept his conscious at this point was the waters effect on the Hoshigaki. though
he needed rest. to his luck a shadow would pass over him and he would look up
to see a rather large boat passing over him moving in the direction he was
swimming. he would then swim up as hard as he could and break through the
waters surface and fly onto the deck of the boat.

Now Yashanny can imagine that this was a terrible sight to be seen, a Shark-man
breaching the water heavily wounded landing on a fisherman boat seeming very
aggressive as he is not in the state to let his guard down. Though he would
slump down a bit his legs giving out on him and fall to his butt and he would
sit down his back against the side of the boat breathing heavily he would look
at the fisherman looking them over to see what there intent was. though to
Yashanny's luck he jumped on just some boat that was in the area.

Imagine the terrible sight to be seen of a large shark-man jumping on the deck
of the boat your on seeming to not be in the mood for high society
conversation. Lucky for Yashanny he jumped aboard some wealthy businessman  
Yacht that he had taken out for a vacation with him and some of his...
'entertainers'... as the frightened girls looked at him and a man who looked
quite surprised. Slumping down and sitting leaning his back against the side of
the boat he would look them over a bit.

"Who do you thi...." The man would be interrupted with the slide of Yashanny's
blade from his back and pointing out to the man "Take me to Water Country..."
he would then glare him down "" saying as he had no patience. he would
then sit there concentrating on staying awake

As the boat made it into Water Country he would waste no time in making his
way toward Kirigakure knowing that his body will shut down any moment being
awake so long on only willpower at this point he would focus on just moving his
legs knowing that if he rests now he might not make it.

Once making it to the gates of Kirigakure Chunnin of the village would take
Yashanny and admit him to the hospital and once laid down on the hospital bed
finally able to close his eyes and sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Yashanny Hoshigaki's bloody swim.   Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:55 am

The Recovery

As Yashanny regained his consciousness in a room that filled with the hum from the lights above his otherwise quite room. Outside of his room he could hear the movement of others walking down the hallway and at times the opening and closing of a door.  The bed felt comfortable as he laid under the covers in a bit of a cold room.

Taking in a deep breath through his nose, almost everything in the room had a specific smell that Yashanny's nose could pick up. The cleaner on the tables and floor was the most obvious of smells but yashanny could also smell even the metallic tang from the stainless steel in the open air... his nose picking up traces of bleach wafting from the bedding that he lay on to even the faint perfume and cologne nurses and doctors wor when they entered the room whilst he was sleeping. But the smell faintest smell that seemed so easy for him to pick up on was the subtle and unique smell of blood in the distance.

As he opened his eyes to look at the white ceiling he kind of stares at it a bit before beginning to look around at his room that was filled with different cupboards that would be filled with medical supplies and the such. Bringing his knees up a bit he would press his heels against the bed to move his body to sit up on the bed, cringing a bit as his wounds were still recovering the moving causing his wounds to be agitated causing very slight sudden and unexpected pain.

With the creak of the door he would look to the entrance of the room whilest a quite cute nurse entered into his recovery room. “oh... your finnaly awake...” She would say with a bit of a grin. Looking her over he would try not to look to distracted by her looks “How long have I been out?” he asks curiously to the cute nurse whom walks over and takes the clipboard at the foot of his bed seeming to go through a few papers “Just a couple of days...” she would reply in a bit of a mater-of-fact way.

Raising an eyebrow at the nurse he would seem a bit speachless watching the nurse as she goes places the clipboard on his bed he looks down at himself and then moves to the swing his feet off the side of the bed. The nurse would look him over at him curiously “mmm, seems you are ready to go... I will go get your paperwork then.” she would turn with the clipboard in hand and leave the room shutting the door behind him.

Standing on the cold floor he would look over to a where his gear was stored he would get changed into it being sure not to cause himself any more pain he would walk slowly over and begin to slide his gear back onto himself... seeming just in time as the Nurse would walk back in right as he finished. Placing the clipboard on the table and pushes it over to Yashanny to take and sign, in which he does. Once doing so he simply walks out of the room and makes his way out of the hospital.

Adjusting his Nodachi on his back as he makes his way out of the the hospital and down its steps he would turn to head out of Kirigakure deciding that he would be look up to see very large Hoshigaki walking toward him and stoping... this very large Hoshigaki was non other then Kujira Hoshigaki, Yashanny's Sensei.

“Ahh there you are Yashanny” Kujira would call out to Yashanny. Holding his side a bit as he walked toward his Sensei, “You were looking for me?” smirking to him a bit. “It seems you had some... 'fun' a few days ago. I got your medical report” Kujira would grin at him a bit “You'll make a full recoer it seems... we will do some... 'light' training today and I will teach you 'initative swarm' like I taught the others in the squad” Kujira looking Yashanny over a bit but before Kujira could make a decession if Yashanny was even up for training Yashanny would state “Well I was just heading to the Cmpound training area to get back into training.... cant let something like this keep me behind” The two chuckling to eachother they would then head away for later training.
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Yashanny Hoshigaki's bloody swim.
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