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 Chowa Hitamashi: Harmony and Peace

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PostSubject: Chowa Hitamashi: Harmony and Peace   Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:50 pm

Character Bio for Chowa Hitamashi

Hitamashi clan (100 tokens nonrefundable)

Chowa Hitamashi The Monk

Basic story
Born in the Hitamashi clan Chowa was both Blessed and cursed from the day he entered this world, Blind from birth Chowa does not see the world in the same view as other do. However the teachings of his masters, and the kindness of his guardians taught him peace, and happiness even when most thing were dark. He learned the mottos of the Family clan, and the prayers that were taught to him. Like all hitamashi’s Chowa was born with the power of Light chakra, a cruel joke some might say to have the power of Light yet have vision remain dark. But to Chowa Hitamashi it was a blessing, because with this light he could forge the way for others and clear there minds with his words.
At the age of 10 Hitamashi left his clan to become Nomadic, as is tradition for all Hitamashi monks in training to do. Despite his blindness, Chowa developed a special unique way to ‘see’ those around him. A Harmony vision, if you will, It allowed him to see Threats, and emotions of others. It also allowed him to detect bandits and evil energy and in doing so allowed him to avoid danger on the road.
Despite his Blindness, he fools other into thinking of himself as ‘Clumsy’ or messy when he does certain things, like stepping on the incorrect rocks or makes an incorrect turn. He is often seen walking into villages with bloody feet, he hopes his training will help him avoid danger better in the future.

Height: 4 feet 5 inches
Hair: bright red and tied up into a pony tail
Body: Average size but very defined and muscular.
General appearance: A red haired Monk wearing very little clothing, nothing but a small pouch and a pair of shorts. He seems to enver have his eyes open and always smiles, his body bares no scars and his feet seem to always be dirty.


Academy jutsu:


[Inner Fire Meditation]
Jutsu Type: Meditation (Learned from (Watched from) Kamiko Godai)
Jutsu Rank: E
CP cost: 2
RP: the most basic of all Meditations is also one of the only meditations that make the clan seem almost inhumane. By using a small amount of chakra once, the user can take deep breaths and physically heat his body with the power of his mind. Allows the user to swim in frozen lakes, climb up icy mountains, and even increase his body’s immune system to immeasurable levels to fight off infection and poison.
PVP: Free Action) User removes 1 Round of every negative currently applied to them.
Special note: CON + 1 vs Poison DMG (If Defending)
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Chowa Hitamashi: Harmony and Peace
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