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 Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha

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PostSubject: Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha   Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:31 am

[Aburame Clan]
(100 Tokens)

The Aburame clan, or Aburame family, is the most mysterious clan of Konoha. They are known for raising insects and using them in their combat style. At birth, Aburame clan children are offered to the kikaichū as vessel for nesting. They live off their chakra pool. Depending on rank, Aburame lose their chakra to feeding their bugs constantly. This allows them to command the kikaichū with out chakra cost.

They are a clan of particular shinobi that are usually heavily covered in clothes and they all wear special sunglasses that are also made of a material only known to them. It is said that said glasses are even capable of resisting a punch to the face and will not break. It is only known to them what the glasses are made of. The Aburame also held an ancient family feud with that of another group of bug users known as the Kamizuru clan of Iwagakure, the two often compete to display their powerful use of bug-techniques trying to dominate the other as a true Bug Master Clan.


[Kikaichū Host]
The kikaichū, or parasitic insect. Also commonly known as ‘parasitic destruction bug’ are the insects the Aburame clan raise. From the beginning, the clan offers its new born children to these insects to inhabit and take the role of their nest. They breed in their bodies and feed off their charkra. In turn, the clan is then offered the commanding of the kikaichū which forms their unique style of fighting. These bugs are known to eat away at life sources or chakra as well as dealing with poisons.

Universal: Does not gain Rank CP Bonus, +2 VS Wind Jutsu with Bug Techniques, -2 VS Fire Jutsu with Bug Techniques, Aburame may use Kikaichu to make basic attack's against targets (Uses turn). 1 SP) Basic attacks are rolled with WIS and deal Small Weapon Damage (Not Dual wield - Applies Damage bonus from Aburame Clan Only)
Genin: +1 to WIS Rolls, +1d4 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Chuunin: +2 to WIS Rolls, +1d6 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Jounin: +3 to WIS Rolls, +1d8 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Note: Some Aburame techniques can target either HP or CP. ANY damage bonus gained from Abilities / Jutsu referring to damage, does NOT apply to CP damage. only HP Damage. Basic attacks MAY Damage CP (But Cannot damage HP if this is chosen), but only do 1/2 of the damage rolled. (ONLY the Bonus Damage from Aburame included)

[Hive Bodies]
Universal: SP - SP is a seperate pool and is equal to 1/2 Level + WIS mod that Bug Techniques can be used with instead of CP. 1 SP = 2 CP. May use SP and CP to pay for a jutsu (E.G 2 SP and 1 CP to use a 5 CP jutsu). SP cannot be targted by CP Damage. If user reaches 0 CP, However, they are still Defeated. SP starts at 0 for every fight.
(Note: “Overpaying” with SP for an appropriate CP cost (I.e, paying 3 SP for a 5 CP jutsu) does not restore any chakra to the user. Any excess chakra is lost.)
Genin: Generate 1 SP/round
Chuunin: Generate 2 SP/round, SP Pool starts at 1.
Jounin: Generate 2 SP/round, SP Pool starts at 2.


Note: Jutsu that deal “HP or CP damage” require the user to decide when the jutsu is used what to damage.



[Advanced Breed]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Clan)

Some members of the aburame clan have what are known as The advanced kikaichū, by rapidly breeding the insects they are able to become far greater and more adaptable for combat itself. Protecting their post with more effectiveness as well as even gathering the chakra that they release to cause even more damage then would usually be formed, enhancing their hosts body to new levels for combat.

Universal: +2 HP Regen
Genin: +1 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +5 Total HP
Chuunin: +2 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +10 Total HP
Jounin: +3 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +10 Total HP
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha   Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:31 am

[Current Aburame Head]
Tita Aburame - Perfect Host and Kikaichu / Hive Mother

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PostSubject: Re: Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha   Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:32 am

Current PC's:

1) Ana Aburame (ScrapNinjaSoul)
2) -Empty-
3) -Empty-
4) -Empty-
5) -Empty-
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PostSubject: Re: Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha   

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Aburame - 100 Tokens - Konoha
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