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If you want this back up PM me on the Forums (Host) Kurama I have a stable host platform now and am willing to have this going again with limited DM activity. It would be purely just for fun, no complaining no BS. Current Public IP

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 Kun'rafi - 200 Tokens - Suna

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PostSubject: Kun'rafi - 200 Tokens - Suna   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:07 am

(200 Tokens)

The Kun’Rafi are exceptional hunter and tracker shinobi, they travel the desert, plains, and jungles of Wind Country looking for exotic creatures to tame or pouch. Their passion lies with the thrill of the hunt, none more so when it comes to wanted shinobi. The Kun’Rafi’s main physical trait is that they are of African decent – regarded as “nubians” by some. Their ties with nature is very strong, as by a young age they are released into the wilds to survive and can only return until they have achieved a kindred spirit with a beast of nature. The most skilled Kun’rafi has a unique ability to share their line of sight with other animals, seeing what they do. Indeed, these hunters make for exceptional shinobi and even dangerous opponents. Pray you are not hunted by one.


[Heart of the Wild]
Kun’Rafi are exceptionally skilled combatants, their strength lies with the ties they have with Nature and the outdoors. Indoors they are limited in movement and are out of their playing field.
Universal: PvP Outside: + 2 ATK / DEF as Jutsu Bonus, PvP Indoors: - 2 ATK / DEF as Jutsu Bonus as Penalty.
Genin: + 1 WIS / DEX, + 1d4 DMG
Chunin: + 2 WIS / DEX, + 1d6 DMG
Jounin: + 3 WIS / DEX, + 1d8 DMG


[Nature's Child]
Kun’Rafi have no natural aptitude to an affinity, except for possibly herbology and medicine. Though through the blessings of the Goddess of Nature – an Element can be attained (though temporarily) where the element resides strongest of that region.
Universal: User has no Natural Chakra Affinity (Except Medical for + 50 Tokens), but gains a temporary Element based on region.
FIRE) Fire Country
WATER) Water Country
EARTH) Earth Country
WIND) Wind Country
LIGHTNING) Lightning Country
NOTE: Via Temp Element, they may learn Jutsu of that affinity normally. But use is disabled without the Element.


[Hunting Prowess]
The Kun’Rafi display their mastery as hunters through the inept skill of utilizing tools and weapons, and of course the environment to their advantage. Not many things can pass through without their knowing about it.
Universal: All Weapon / Tool Penalties reduced by 2. When Hiding, Sensors must Roll Vs Hide. (No Auto)
Genin: + 10 Skill
Chunin: + 15 Skill
Jounin: + 20 Skill
NOTE: May pay 5 CP to Hide (to a maximum of 3 additional times), and Set Traps grant + 2 Roll as Jutsu Bonus while hidden. This ability has a 3 round cooldown.


[Kindred Spirit]
(50 Token Upgrade)
The Kun’Rafi are released into the wilds and are not permitted to return until they have proved themselves to the clan by making a link with a beast. This beast can then be trained into an exceptional weapon, and become the most loyal friend a hunter can make. The Kun’Rafi can at any point find additional friends in the wilds, to be added to their “pack / family”.
Universal: Summon Rules (Does not take Slot, Token Costs apply) It is 1 Summon that is Upgraded.
NOTE: Can have additional summons made for 50 Tokens starting at Rank 1 (Max. 1 Active though)
NOTE 2: You can only have up to 2 additional summon classes, each extra summon class (Ranks 1-5) Count for 75 tokens towards the Ability Cap. I.E., if you start a branch, you get tacked 75 tokens onto your cap for starting the extra summons.


[Soul Link]
(100 Token Upgrade)
The User can create a link between themselves and another animal, mainly their Companion. They are able to have heightened vision capable of seeing greater amounts of detail with information processed at a rapid pace. Any pasta Activity in the area would leave behind evidence for the Kun’Rafi to re-invision what had occurred and the location of the enemy.
Universal: User and Summon share line of sight, both gaining following Bonuses:
Genin: + 1 ATK / DEF, 20-20 Crit
Chunin: + 2 ATK / DEF, 19-20 Crit
Jounin: + 3 ATK / DEF, 18-20 Crit
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PostSubject: Re: Kun'rafi - 200 Tokens - Suna   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:07 am

Current PC's:

1) Shigure Kun'rafi (Hidan)
2) -Empty-
3) -Empty-
4) -Empty-
5) -Empty-
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Kun'rafi - 200 Tokens - Suna
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