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 Daitan - 50 Tokens - Universal

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PostSubject: Daitan - 50 Tokens - Universal   Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:52 pm

(50 Tokens)

Daitan are known throughout Iwagakure as the Boldest shinobi, and those that can take a hit like none other. Their skin is extremley dark, which from outside the skin is just a thought that they spend alot of the time in the sun. However, this is not true, Daitan are said to be direct descendants of the earth, and their skin is said to be dark due to their connectiong with the earth. They gain their strength from the earth, and each of their attacks is said to be reflected within this. Their skin is also quite dense, which doesn't allow much attacks to get through. They are said to be extremley dense, and not the brightest of the world, but when it comes to fightning, they are feared. They are considered a noble clan of Iwagakure, and the bond that they share with Earth Country and the earth is far more then any other shinobi can understand.


[Earth Connection]
Daitan are the ultimate users of Earth Jutsu, and the power that they hold when using earth jutsu is hard to compare. They are all born with the ability to control the earth, and do not learn much more. Most of the Daitan are knwon for their Taijutsu and Doton Jutsu skills, but some try and expand this to become deadly.

Universal: All Daitan start with Earth (Doton) Element and gain no more, +5 to Learning Taijutsu / Doton Jutsu
Universal: All Doton Jutsu are Learnt / Used with STR, and gain STR Damage Bonus
Genin: +1 to STR Rolls, +3 DR vs HP DMG
Chunin: +2 to STR Rolls, +4 DR vs HP DMG
Jounin: +3 to STR Rolls, +5 DR vs HP DMG


[Clan Jutsu]
All Clan Jutsu rolled with STR

[E Rank]

[Daitan Doton Control]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: ~
RP Description: Daitan are able to bend and move the earth around them to how they wish. It is at a minor level, but as they grow, so too does the ability to move and control the earth to their will.
PVP Effect: ~
Special Note: ~
Teaching/Learning: Only available to Daitan

[Daitan Defense]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 2 + Extra
RP Description: Daitan are able to control the earth, and cover their body in a thin layer depending on how much they wish to. This is done in Defense and takes focus.
PVP Effect: Uesr may spend 1 CP to add 1 DR to their total (Counts as Active) to a limit of their Rank:
Academy Student: +3 DR
Genin: +4 DR
Chuunin: +5 DR
Jounin: +6 DR
Special Note: This is used as a Defensive technique, and cannot be used with any other jutsu unless it is a Free Action Jutsu
Teaching/Learning: Only available to Daitan


The Daitan create their own customized Taijutsu / Doton Jutsu as they form and grow as Shinobi. Because of this they need not ever learn from their history or others, however there are the Jutsu that are forbidden to most. Daitan may teach each other their Taijutsu / Doton Jutsu. They gain 2 Custom Jutsu of D / C / B and 1 A / S Rank for free, they must be Taijutsu / Doton Jutsu. They Automatically know Ranks D/C, the rest must be leaned normally.


[Pure Blood Daitan]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Clan)
The Daitan are known throughout Iwagakure and the Ninja world for their control and strength, but it is quite rare to see the full strength of one. Daitan are known for their skills of Doton Jutsu, but they are also known for their extremley strong bodies. Sometimes a Daitan is born which is known as "Pure Blood" which is considered to be a Daitan born to complete the earth and will definately know the true meaning of their jutsu.

Universal: +10 Total HP
Genin: +1d4 Damage to Doton / Taijutsu, +1 DR vs HP DMG
Chuunin: +1d6 Damage to Doton / Taijutsu, +2 DR vs HP DMG
Jounin: +1d8 Damage to Doton / Taijutsu, +3 DR vs HP DMG

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PostSubject: Re: Daitan - 50 Tokens - Universal   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:26 am

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Daitan - 50 Tokens - Universal
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