Naruto brought back to NWN.
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 The Shinobi and the Swordsman (Closed)

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PostSubject: The Shinobi and the Swordsman (Closed)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:22 am

"Hotaru-san, I'm trusting this mission to you, it shouldn't be any longer than a few days, I wish you luck, it seems simple enough but please be careful" The hokage had said that to him a week ago, Hotaru had gotten himself in a mess. Turns out the village had been harassed by a large group of bandits and couldn't afford to call it in as a higher level mission. They were just lucky that they got Hotaru though. As he arrived they had sent a small group of 4 highly untrained newbies. The two had managed to catch him by surprise as just trouble makers before he had walked out of the building and they ambushed him. Now Hotaru has to face the largest challenge...not getting killed the day he arrived.

Day 1

Hotaru sighed as the two looked at him with cocky grins, one drew his blade and laughed as he lunged at him. Hotaru preformed a few handseals and took a breath and drew his palms back and closing his eyes as the bandit drew closer he opened his eyes and spoke as the fireball finished being shaped, "Inferno! Surging fireball!" he launched the fireball forward and it hit the bandits stomach causing him to come crashing down unable to move but still able to talk. Hotaru stepped forward preforming a few more seals and taking a breath "Last chance to back off" he had a fiery glow at the back of his mouth as he said such and he stepped closer and with each step the other bandit became panicked. As the other two found the scene Hotaru let out the stream of flames at the two that already confronted him. He purposefully missed, the Blazing Shout Jutsu wasn't a jutsu you'd want to hit you. The flames charred the ground partially and the three that weren't paralyzed ran away screaming. He then took the one he had stunned by the leg and dragged him along the ground and by the time the stun had worn off the bandit was tied to a tree.

Hotaru walked back into the village and looked around at the buildings before making his way to the elders house. As he stepped in he saw an old man in bed surrounded by his immediate family, he hadn't realized he was interrupting something and went to walk out but was stopped by a girl speaking "Are you the Shinobi from Konoha?". Hotaru turned around seeing the girl, she was about his age, wearing a floral kimono and had beautiful black hair. He nodded and stepped back in and bowed respectfully to the group.

"Hai, gomen I didn't mean to intrude, you seem busy...I can wait if you wish" He looked up to them and the Elder was motioning him closer, he slipped his footwear off and advanced to the old man, he was frail, struggling to even breath let alone raise a hand. He grabbed Hotaru's wrist and put the shinobi's hand where his heart was.

"Do you have...heart shinobi-san? Like you see the bandits as Heartless thugs?" He was assuming he had run into the bandits already and...he had but small fry. However he'd seen the destruction these bandits left in their path on his way here though. What did he mean by Heart though? The old man must have been going crazy from old age.

But none the less Hotaru nodded and he was given a room in the old mans hut for the duration of his stay. He had seen a red haired man wander into the house a couple of times. He looked to Hotaru once, all he really saw was he was wearing robes, had a katana and a X scar on his left cheek. The day was rather peaceful so it went by quickly. Hotaru spent that night wondering why it was only him that was sent.
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PostSubject: Re: The Shinobi and the Swordsman (Closed)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:02 pm

Day 2:

Hotaru awoke rather early with the idea for a new jutsu so he was out a small part of the village and focusing for a moment, the muscles in his right arm twitching in reaction to the focused inferno energy flowing to his hands. As he attempted to from the orb it kept going out of shape. He sighed to himself trying to figure out what he was doing wrong and kept trying over and over. He sighed and gave up only to look and see the girl he met yesterday, the elders grand daughter. She was smiling and couldn't help but
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The Shinobi and the Swordsman (Closed)
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