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 Jyuozo - 200 Tokens - Universal / Yuga

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PostSubject: Jyuozo - 200 Tokens - Universal / Yuga   Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:15 pm

200 tokens

The Jyouzo are similar to Budhist monks, spending endless hours fine tuning their bodies and minds with vigorous training. The Jyouzo are a peaceful people, never going out and instigating trouble. The Jyouzo are not pacifists, however, they just don't believe in "messing in other people's affairs". They do not interact much with other clans due to a vow of secrecy that all members must take at the age of 10, and most do not even know of their existence outside of Yukagakure. There are, however, a few young Jyouzo that decide to abandon the idea of neutrality and simplicity. These rogue Jyouzo leave the village with the mental and physical strength trademark to their people. However, those who decide to leave have decided that others are better in the eyes of the Jyouzo, and are treated as outsiders, even being disowned by their parents. To leave the clan is to forsake your life.

The Jyouzo are most easily recognized by their eyes. They have cold, stone-color eyes that contain similar qualities of the Hyuga, but to a less acute level. The Jyouzo, however, also possess the ability to control chakra flows in general mannerisms.

[Way of the Spirit]
The Jyouzo train endlessly to perfect the strength of their bodies and minds. The develop the practice of letting out chakra as they train or fight, increasing their own ability to manipulate their chakra and body. This effect gives them a soft glow in combat.
Universal: +10 to HP/CP, -2 to CP Costs.
Genin: +1 DEX / WIS Rolls
Chuunin: +2 DEX / WIS Rolls
Jounin: +3 DEX / WIS Rolls

[Whole in Body and Mind]
The Jyouzo are natural medics, much of their training focusing on human anatomy and the interaction between their chakra and another's. Their non-aggressive ways make them excellent medics, as they keep their minds focused on the task at hand and never overpursue the enemy.
Universal: The Jyouzo start with the Medical Element, and cannot gain another element until Chuunin.
Universal: +10 to Learning Medical Jutsu, +5 to those they teach Medical Jutsu
Genin: +5 to Heal Mod, +1d4 to Healing Jutsu (HP Healing Only)
Chuunin: +10 to Heal Mod, +1d6 to Healing Jutsu (HP Healing Only)
Jounin: +20 to Heal Mod, +1d8 to Healing Jutsu (HP Healing Only)

[Stone Cold Eyes]
The Jyouzo have the ability to see chakra auras with ease, however they cannot tighten their perception to view all of the chakra pathways like the Hyuuga can. They still retain remarkable visual abilities, and are often employed as sensory nin.
Genin: +10 to Spot rolls, 19-20 crit range.
Chuunin: +20 to Spot rolls, 19-20 crit range.
Jounin: +30 to Spot rolls, 18-20 crit range.

[Clan Jutsu]
The Jyouzo are allowed to create 1 custom jutsu of each rank for free [E/D/C/B/A/S].

Universal Clan Jutsu:

[Chakra Mastery]
(100 token Clan Buyable)
The Jyouzo have trained themselves to be masters at their strange medical techniques, and their chakra systems even moreso. This gives them a serious edge against those who have not prepared themselves with equal rigor.
Universal: +20 to CP.
Genin: +1d4 Ninjutsu Damage Rolls*
Chunin: +1d6 Ninjutsu Damage Rolls*
Jounin: +1d8 Ninjutsu Damage Rolls*
(*If Jutsu does HP and CP DMG, DMG Bonus Applies to Both. If it only does HP, 1/2 the DMG Bonus is done to CP. DMG Bonus refers to ONLY DMG bonus gained from Chakra Mastery)
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PostSubject: Re: Jyuozo - 200 Tokens - Universal / Yuga   Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:27 pm

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Jyuozo - 200 Tokens - Universal / Yuga
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