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 Ogata - 100 Tokens - Universal / Yuga

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PostSubject: Ogata - 100 Tokens - Universal / Yuga   Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:07 pm

(100 tokens)
There is an old legend whispered from time to time amongst the denizens of the Land of Hot Water. It is said that in times of old, when villages had yet to exist, a black dragon descended from the heavens upon the world to answer the prayers of a young dying man from his war injuries. The dragon laid his huge paw upon a spot on the grass and so a single red rose grew before the dragon took off into the air once anew, never to return.
So the dying man approached the mysterious flower and ate it, taking its mysterious power for his own and survived his otherwise inevitable death. Then the first member of the Ogata Clan was thus born.

Whether a simple fairy tale or a true event, the Ogata today are a small clan in Yugakure that dedicate themselves to the growth of different types of roses that are utilized in their ninjutsu techniques; said to produce powerful effects. Hidden and secret techniques only known to this clan allow them to instantly grow roses from anywhere to be used as tools for warfare. They can manipulate what type of rose they find out in the world and enhance them with their chakra to be used for their own purposes.

[Gift of Roses]
An Ogata is born with the earth and water elements, which allows them to mix together and use their special bloodline to create and manipulate roses for their ninjutsu. This in turn grants them an enhanced capacity of chakra reserves and grant them specific focus.
Universal: Ogata start with Water / Earth / Rose Elements, gaining no more. (They have also start with Medical for an additional 50 Token Cost, that applies to Cap)
Genin: +10 CP, +1 ATK / DEF to Rose Rolls
Chunin: +15 CP, +2 ATK / DEF to Rose Rolls
Jounin: +20 CP, +3 ATK / DEF to Rose Rolls 

[Rose Specialization]
An Ogata chooses a specific type of rose that identifies them best and dedicates his/her lifetime to its kind. This in turn grants them enhanced focus over their chosen type or specific abilities unique from the rest. 
This is a one-time choice that cannot be swapped once it is decided.

[Piranha Rose]
(Red Rose)

[Demon Rose]
(Black Rose)

[Serpent Rose]]
(Yellow Rose) 

All Otaga may make a Custom E and S Rank jutsu that are specific to them. They are able to teach these to other Otaga if they choose.

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PostSubject: Re: Ogata - 100 Tokens - Universal / Yuga   Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:26 am

Current PC's:

1) Toru Ogata (MarcDonati)
2) -Empty-
3) -Empty-
4) -Empty-
5) -Empty-
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Ogata - 100 Tokens - Universal / Yuga
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