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 Fumetsu - 100 Tokens - Universal

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PostSubject: Fumetsu - 100 Tokens - Universal   Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:44 pm

[Fumetsu Clan]
(100 Tokens)

The Fumetsu are a odd clan that has been newly formed, they originaly derived from the Kaguya clan but due to breeding with different clans there Kekkei Genkai mutated and grew granting them almost perfect controll over the rest of their body. They are a clan of mystery and are often classes as outsiders wherever they end up..freaks of nature even to the Kaguya they were exiled from the clan and country, somtimes even killed if they are found to posses the kekkei genkai they call Katire. the members of this clan seem to live longer than most and show no signs of old age..and now they begin to grow in the world of Shinobi establishing a small group in Kumogakure


They can control the cells in their body being able to produce more and more of them to make up longer and new parts of the body. some even posses the ability much like there cousins the Kaguya and are able to grow new bones from there skeletal structure and are even known to be forever youthfull.

Universal: +10 HP
Genin: +1 WIS/DEX Rolls, -0 to Clan Jutsu CP Costs (Min 1)
Chuunin: +WIS/DEX Rolls, -1 to Clan Jutsu CP Costs (Min 1)
Jounin: +3 WIS/DEX Rolls, -2 to Clan Jutsu CP Costs (Min 1)


[Perfect Body]
The blood of the Karite contains cells that are immediately repair themselves and only grow stronger with repair through age and training. Though this does not make the Karite immortal, it does give them the appearance of eternal youth and heals the body at a rapid pace.

Universal: The holder of this bloodline does not physicaly age past 25
Genin: +2 HP Regen, +0 DR vs HP DMG
Chuunin: +3 HP Regen, +1 DR vs HP DMG
Jounin: +3 HP Regen, +2 DR vs HP DMG


[Art of the Body]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Bloodline)
All Karite become masters of their own body and begin developing their style of Jutsu for use in their mastered bodies. No Karite is exactly the same in the use of these Jutsu, but some show similarities.

Universal: +2 Clan Jutsu Rolls +1d6 to Clan Jutsu DMG
May create 2 Jutsu of E/D/C/B/A/S Rank for Free, must manually learn the Jutsu after C rank.


[Control Mastery]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Bloodline)
All Karite eventually grow a bond with certain aspects of their body. Their body naturally sends specialized cells to that part of the body that the Karite has a sixth sense of sort for controlling them. This makes the Karite a lot more variable and can often times lead to a confusion amongst other Shinobi.

Fumetsu Members may choose two things in their body to have control over:

Tenketsu: +1d6 to Ninjtusu DMG
Blood: 1d4 DMG Return that pierces 2 DR.
Hair: May make a Attack Stun a Target Physically 1 Round, 3x a Fight.
Skin: +4 DR Vs HP DMG
Muscles: +1d6 to Taijtusu/Kenjutsu DMG
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PostSubject: Re: Fumetsu - 100 Tokens - Universal   Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:46 am

Current PC's:

1) Yang Fumetsu
2) Hisashi Fumetsu
3) -Empty-
4) -Empty-
5) -Empty-
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Fumetsu - 100 Tokens - Universal
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