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 Tsukichi - 100 Tokens - Universal

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PostSubject: Tsukichi - 100 Tokens - Universal   Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:52 pm

100 Tokens

History and Information
The story of the Tsukichi begins long before the great villages, with two brothers. One brother, Kaza, who was a diligent worker and studied very hard for everything he did. And Chi, who was lazy and often times forced his brother to do his work. These two were twins, both born with a strange mark on their necks. These marks were crescant moons. On Kaza's neck, a blue moon was there. While on Chi's, the moon was red. These two brothers never got along, despite Kaza's efforts to do so. And one day... Chi got fed up. Their parents obviously favored Kaza and would often times yell at Chi for being lazy... So Chi did what came naturally.

He found Kaza in the fields, and ruthlessly murdered him. It is said that when Chi spilled Kaza's blood, the blood writhed on Chi's hands and slowly sunk into him, as his eyes turned a scarlet red and the crescent moon burned bright. Chi fled the seen, terror sinking into his mind as to what he did. But the Gods played a cruel joke that day. When Chi fled, Kaza's blood thrived within him, a curse. This curse would be passed on to all of Chi's descandants... The curse of eternal pain, being a monster... and most of all? The ability to manipulate blood.


[Blood Mark]
Every member of the Tsukichi bloodline has a blood red crescent moon somewhere on their body. It is the Gods' cruel joke to all of Chi's descandants that give them their gift and curse, and mark them as the descandant of the murderer. This mark allows for the control of blood, both theirs and their enemies, that makes this bloodline fearsome.

Universal: Tsukichi start with Water, Dark and Blood Element. Gaining no more.
Genin: +1 WIS Rolls, +10 HP
Chunin: +2 WIS Rolls, +15 HP
Jounin: +3 WIS Rolls, +20 HP


[Descandants of the Murderer]
Everytime a member of the Tsukchi bloodline cause blood to spill, their blood moon activates and begins to consume the blood form their enemies, swallowing it entirely and strengthening the Tsukichi member. As a direct result, when Tsukichi members are tested for blood type, their scans up with errors and when studied their blood seems absolutely... empty. There are no notable signs as to blood types for any Tsukichi member.

Universal: +2 HP Regen
Genin: +2 Vamp Regen DMG, +0 HP
Chunin: +1d4 Vamp Regen DMG, +0 HP
Jounin: +1d4+1 Vamp Regen DMG, +5 HP


All Tsukichi are capable of blood manipulation, to the point that they instinctively begin to learn the various Jutsu. These Jutsu do not require someone to teach them, and don't become easier with someone to teach them. They're in the blood, so to speak.
Tsukichi may make free Jutsu - 2x E/D/C/B 1x A/S rank but must be manually learned after C rank. The Custom Jutsu may be used by paying 1/2 the CP cost with HP instead.

[E Rank]

[Chiton: Boil]
Type : Ninjutsu
Rank : E
CP : 2 (Or 1 HP)
Description : This Jutsu allows for the Tsukichi to warm the blood in an enemies body and make it shoot pain through the victim for a small time.
PVP : 1 Damage for 2 Rounds.
Teaching/Learning : Gained on Creation

[D Rank]

[Chiton : Scykle]
Type : Ninjutsu
Rank : D
CP : 4 (or 2 HP)
Description : After a small hand sign, the user can force some of the cells in their targets body to become scythe shaped, blocking arteries and making the users blood flow decrease.
PVP : 1d4 rounds of -1 to physical attacks/defenses.


[Blood Seeker]
(100 Tokens, Enhanced Bloodline)
A few Tsukichi who come to realize that their power can be more... take the advantage. They awaken the long forgotten curse to a new level by performing a different thing for each. The only common trait between the awakenings is they are all very bloody. (Requires an event to unlock)

Universal: +2 HP Regen per Round, May Transfer up to 5 HP for 5 CP Healed, or the Other way Around as a Free Action on their turn.
Genin: +1 Blood Jutsu Rolls, Blood Jutsu heal user for 1 HP if damaging a target*
Chunin: +2 Blood Jutsu Rolls, Blood Jutsu heal user for 1d4 (Max 3) HP if damaging a target*
Jounin: +3 Blood Jutsu Rolls, Blood Jutsu heal user for 1d4 + 1 HP if damaging a target*

(*HP Return applies to Jutsu HP/CP Regen Character Cap)

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PostSubject: Re: Tsukichi - 100 Tokens - Universal   Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:46 am

Current PC's:

1) Midori Tsukichi (Aquarius)
2) Gabriel Tsukichi (LTehnet)
3) Nakemo Umeda (Xeneize)
4) -Empty-
5) -Empty-
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Tsukichi - 100 Tokens - Universal
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