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 Haachi Yukiko

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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Haachi Yukiko   Haachi Yukiko EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 5:49 pm

Name: Haachi Yukiko
Age: 14
Weight:72 lbs.
Height: 4'11
Hair: Mid-Back Length, pale white
Skin: Tan
Build: Frail, thin, lacking muscle definition
Eyes: Pitch Black

Detailed Physical Description

Before you stands a child wearing rather thick robes, an almost pained expression on her face, which is framed by pale white hair or a blackened hood. She carries no special tattoos or scars on her person, seeming surprisingly plain compared to those around her. She walks almost timidly, eyes moving about slowly to watch those around her with a waryness that seems strange for a child. No weapons being seen, she seems to be a most unthreatening child at best.


Yukiko is a quite girl, using a low voice when she does bother to speak with others. She would not be arrogant, thinking others beneath her, rather seeming to shrink away from some people. She would be a generally gentle child, even kind once people get to know her better, though she remains fiercely loyal to those she likes to the point of violence when needed. When angered she does not hold back, her normally almost fearful or pained expression twisting into one of hate and rage. She finds violence unnecessary most of the time, preferring peace in the long run if possible.

Shinobi Information

Rank: Chunin
Bingo Book Rank: C
Threat Level: 5/10
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Elements: Earth/Wind/Darkness/Gravity
Clan: Haachi (disowned from the clan)
Bloodline: Haachi (Force Lord)
Unique Abilities: Natural Control over Gravity
Occuption: N/A
Known Tools/Items: N/A
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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Haachi Yukiko   Haachi Yukiko EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 5:56 pm

Known Jutsu

All Academy Jutsu

Juuryoton (Gravity Control):

Wind Style Jutsu:

Earth Style Jutsu:

Dark Style Jutsu:

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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Haachi Yukiko   Haachi Yukiko EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 5:58 pm

200 Tokens

History and Information
A clan that formed in ancient times, sometimes revered as gods for their abilities. Later known, they used a type of technique in which had complete control over the gravity forces around them. They are capable of creating entire gravity wells, or even repulse gravity around them, with handseals, though the amount of weight that can be pushed by the gravity changes with the skill of the shinobi. Being natural enemies of the Ura, while Kirigakure and Iwagakure may not be at war, the clans are always fighting. The families of the Haachi are usually calm and peaceful, adoring nature. Though, they can be quite violent if they or their family is threatened, often making the village of rocks seeming like a very violent land.

Members of the Haachi have dark brown or black eyes, usually, and hair that shimmers either pure white, orange, grey, black, or brown. Their skin tones are usually tanned, but sometimes their skin can grow to be dark, or very pale. Their families are ruled by a single man, and his wife. Usually, they have one to two children, before retiring.

Gravitational Shift
As being able to control
gravity, they can lift objects several times their size, or repulse
attackers from getting too close. In order to control techniques like
this, they must be very good at their techniques, even rivaling that of
the Uchiha.

Universal: Begin with Earth/Wind/Darkness/Gravity Elements, They Gain no Further Elements.
Genin: 1 to Wisdom Rolls, 10 CP Total
Chuunin: 2 to Wisdom Rolls, 15 CP Total
Jonin: 3 to Wisdom Rolls, 20 CP Total

members are very resilient as they can increase their weight and bend
gravity around them, making them heavier, almost immovable. They resist
attacks easier by attacks weakening as they come close.

Universal: 10 Total HP
Genin: 2 DR vs HP Dmg
Chuunin: 3 DR vs HP Dmg
Jonin: 4 DR vs HP Dmg

Master of Gravity
(100 Token Bloodline Expansion)
few generations, a Haachi is born with the ability to naturally control
their gravity release. They usually excel among their relatives, and
quickly learn their techniques, as well as gaining an edge in combat.

Universal: 6 to Learning Ninjutsu
Academy Student: 0 to Attack/Defense Rolls, 1 Ninjutsu Damage
Genin: 1 to Attack/Defense Rolls, 1d4 Ninjutsu Damage
Chuunin: 2 to Attack/Defense Rolls, 1d4+2 Ninjutsu Damage
Jonin: 3 to Attack/Defense Rolls, 2d4 Ninjutsu Damage

Force Lord
(75 token Legendary Bloodline)
the Haachi elders know that, once every hundred years, when a Master of
Gravity is born there is a chance he will learn the two mightiest
techniques-Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten’nen. The whispers of the Gunshu,
or the Force Lord, are legends at best but when they are born they are
destined to become great and powerful shinobi that change the world-or
so the elders say, at least.

Universal: The Haachi
gains access to Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten’nin, two unique jutsu with
variable CP costs and ‘ranks.’ These jutsu may not be copied.
Academy Student: May activate Shinra Tensei/Bansho Ten’nin as a C-rank Jutsu.
Genin: May activate Shinra Tensei/Bansho Ten’nin as a B-rank Jutsu.
Chuunin: May activate Shinra Tensei/Bansho Ten’nin as an A-rank Jutsu.
Jonin: May activate Shinra Tensei/Bansho Ten’nin as a S-rank Jutsu.
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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Haachi Yukiko   Haachi Yukiko EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 6:02 pm


Haachi Clan: 200 - (Host) Kurama
Master of Gravity bloodline extension: 100 - (Host) Kurama
Force Lord legendary bloodline: 75 - (Host) Kurama

total purchase amount: 375
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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Haachi Yukiko   Haachi Yukiko EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 6:22 pm


Yukiko would grunt as she hits the floor outside, the rain falling down on her like bullets before she looks back at her clan elders, the tears mixing with the rain as she sniffles lightly. "W-why? What did I do, elder? I'm sorry!" Yet the hearts of the clan elders were stone as they glared at her. "You already know why. It was unforeseen, you following in your sisters steps and learning our most sacred jutsu. We were proud of you, Yukiko, but when Chiyoko abandoned us, abandoned the VILLAGE...We won't take the risk of it happening again! We molded her into the perfect shinobi, powerful, resourceful, and cold hearted. We taught her everything we could, and it was a mistake. We shall not make it again!" The child gasped as she suddenly lifted into the air again with the hands of her elders, begging them with her eyes to allow her to stay, before repelled back once more. "Begone, Yukiko! You are hereby exiled from the Clan! We shall not commit our greatest mistake again with you! We shall not suffer another Void within the clan!" She would look up once more, crying openly now as the doors to what she once called home closed to her, promising she would never again return. She sat there for over an hour in tears before the rain finally let up. She would look into a bag that was left to her, with only a few possessions left to her name; some money, a few particularly heavy robes for harsh weather, and a small, framed picture of her parents, sister and herself. A last memory of a happier time. She'd whip her eyes again,trying to not cry anymore as she puts her picture away and stands again, slowly turning from her clan's home. Or rather, her ex-clan's home. She would start to walk away, her mind turning to the reason for her banishment; her older sister, Chiyoko Haachi, now named Void. She would feel a strange stirring in her heart, an awful pain as she clutches her chest just from thinking of her sister. Was this hatred? Was this betrayal? True pain had been felt by the girl, and she couldn't stand it. A part of her wanted nothing more than to find her sister and...what? Stay with her? Destroy her for destroying her life? She couldn't say, so she went with the other side of her feelings; she would simply walk away for now, and contemplate her emotions. She would become strong, and survive for now, and when the time came, she would decide how to handle her sister and her clan, but for now...she simply walked away. One thing was for certain, however; she would never again look back. She couldn't look back, now. There was only one destination left for her. She wasn't yet sure of what that would be, but she knew the way there was by going forward.
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Haachi Yukiko
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