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 The Mizukage

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7th Mizukage - Kyo Ryuutei

The Mizukage Kriton10

Kyo is the Legendary Leader of the Seven Swordsman of Kirigakure, famed for his mastery of the sword, there isn't a Kenjutsuist alive today that hasn't heard of Kyo. He recently gained the Title of Mizukage due to his quick actions when defending the village from the Akatsuki attack, despite the loss of the 6th Mizukage, it was thanks to Kyo and his family that the village sustained such little losses. He also led the charge to assist Kumogakure when Pein attacked and killed the Raikage. Thanks to Kyo, the village of Kirigakure maintained it's morale as he kept the village's command structure intact, making sure that chaos didn't ensue among the ranks. It was a unanimous decision that no other Shinobi could possible take the 6th's place as the 7th Mizukage.

Master of Kenjutsu

UNIVERSAL: 200 HP / CP, Kenjutsu Master, Water, Fire, Lightning
+6 to ATK / DEF Jutsu, -4 CP Used on all Kenjutsu
5 CP Regen
+1d8 Damage
10 DR VS HP Dmg
+50 Spot/Listen/Hide/Move Silently

ABILITY) Dragon God's Wrath
COST: 5 CP + 3 Maintenance
DF: Kyo gain's an active +6 to attacks bringing his bonuses to the max active of +12 to ATT/DEF

ABILITY) Soul of the Perfect Blade
UNIVERSAL: 17 - 20 Crit Range
UNIVERSAL: Additional +1d8 to Kenjutsu DMG

Kyo's Special Jutsu

[Dragon Rejuvenescence]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: The user manipulates its wild chakra to create an temporary balance, allowing himself to remain with it as long as possible. It takes form as a blue chakra dragon that flies around the user, containing it's chakra loss.
PvP: Duration 1d4+1 Rounds, 0 Maintenance Cost for "Ryuu no Gekido - Dragon's God's Wrath".

[Greater Dragon Rejuvenescence]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 15
Description: An improved version of Dragon Rejuvenescence jutsu, with the difference of being able to restore his body and chakra in the process. The chakra molded dragon doesn't just holds the user chakra, yet it slowly recovers it and some of his wounds.
PvP: Duration 1d6+1 Rounds, User regenerates 1d4 HP / CP per round. Cooldown 3 Rounds after Duration ends.

[Chakra Wall]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cpt: 13
Description: The user would mold the chakra enveloping his body in form of tattoos or blue flames and spawns it out of his body, creating a protective shell that makes the user resistant to many attacks, with the cost of having the violent form of the chakra harming his body instead.
PvP: User gains 8 DR but suffers 1d8 HP Internal DMG per Round. Duration 1d6+1 Rounds.

[Flying Dragon Jutsu]
Jutsu type: Taijutsu
Rank: -
Cp: -
Description: The user gets able to move at a blinding speed
PvP: "Flicker Jutsu" effect.

[Twilight Dragon Slash]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5 / + 2 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: This move consists on the user striking the enemy once with his weapon, and instantly using his Flying Dragon Jutsu to immediately moving towards a spot with an open guard due the first hit and performs a second strike as the target can't even realize what happened. Very similar to Two Slashes One Strike move, but more direct and powerful, since it's other effect is to confuse the target.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 1d4 DMG + (- 1) DEF for 1 Round..

[Twin Twilight Dragon Slash]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8 / + 3 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: Similar to Twilight Dragon Slash, only the the user uses the Flying Dragon Jutsu more than once as if many attackers went to it's target, swinging more devastating strikes that breaks entirely through the enemy's defense.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 2d4 DMG + (- 2) DEF for 1 Round

[Twilight Dragon Storm]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13 / + 4 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: Similar to the other Twilight Dragon attacks, the user masters the use of the Flying Dragon Jutsu so perfectly that it sends countless attacks to a limited number of enemies, and does not stop striking until their bodies hit the ground.
PvP: ATK up to 3 Targets, Weapn DMG + 2d6 damage + (- 3) DEF for 1 Round.

[The Dragon God Slash]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: S+
Cp: 25 / + 5 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: The user concentrates all of his Ryuutei chakra into this one blow. As he strikes, all of the chakra takes an huge blue dragon form as he thrusts at the target together with him. This jutsu has an enormous destructive power, but it was forbidden due to the effects on the user. Besides harming his body as well, it unbalances the flow of the chakra, having the chance of the user enter in a uncontrollable frenzy as the chakra flames surrounding his body turn red.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 5d6 DMG + Special: (Roll 1d20)
20 = Blood frenzy, you get another turn.
16-19 = Nothing happends.
10-15 = This jutsu removes the target from his rage leaving him in a normal state you cannot re-enter rage for 1d4 rounds.
2-9 = 1d20 internal damage to yourself
1 = DC 22 Con or KO

[Dragon Spirit Jutsu]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The user of this jutsu triggers his inner hostility to the maximum, giving up his reflexes and defenses for more effetive strikes.
PvP: + 1 ATK / - 1 DEF for 1d4-1 (Min. 1) Rounds.

[Dragon Sacrifice]
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: In extremely emergencies cases, this jutsu is used to support the user on very dangerous situations. It consists on drawing his life energy to support his chakra, and vice-versa. This is the most basic Ryuutei Jutsu, that all members used to learn once they chakra was awakened.
PvP: User can transfer 2d6 of their HP to CP and vice-versa. Cooldown 3 Rounds.

IC DM Notes:
Personality: Careless / Alcoholic / Loud
PC Interactions: Shun Kontororu - Barman (Supplies Alcohol), Aonu Danao - Eye Candy
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The Mizukage
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