Naruto brought back to NWN.
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If you want this back up PM me on the Forums (Host) Kurama I have a stable host platform now and am willing to have this going again with limited DM activity. It would be purely just for fun, no complaining no BS. Current Public IP

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 New Players

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PostSubject: New Players   Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:18 pm

Hey guys!

Those of you that have been asking the DM's Questions about new players etc. If you are a New Player joining NV or are a returning player and missed out on the transfer. Do not be upset! We are still giving you a 50 token start up fund that will allow you to get a clan or even special ability that you want! If you have any questions referring to this, Please ask a DM when they are online or don't be afraid to PM me Smile

Sasori <3
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New Players
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