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 Player Houses / Clan Compounds

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PostSubject: Player Houses / Clan Compounds   Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:13 pm

Hey Guys!

I've decided that instead of making player houses and clan compounds, I will be leaving that up to you guys! If you want a house for your character, or you're part of a clan that doesn't have a compound (or that does, and you want a new one) feel free to make it and send it to me! All you have to do is contact me through skype, or get my email and send it to me and I'll import it with the next load of updates. Now this is exciting, cause it means that every character can possibly have a house, but I want to note a few things that I except.

House sizes should be NO MORE then 10x10 in size, and NO MORE then 2 floors. Clan compounds should be NO MORE then 12x12 in size, and NO MORE then 3 floors. There should be NO hidden items placed into them, and if there is they will be removed, and you will be dealt with. Creatures are a no for houses, and only other clan members may be placed into clan compounds. If your character is perma killed, the house WILL be removed and if you want a house for the new character, you may recycle it, but it will have to be changed around a little bit.

I am quite lenient with the terms, but everything will be scanned over by me before it is imported. Please also remember, that I am currently the only main developer, so it may take a little time for it to be imported, but it will be in the end. I hope this clears up a few things, and I hope to see some more houses / compounds imported giving you guys some more places to RP.

Note: If you are building a house / Compound and you have more then 2/3 areas, as long as the areas are not all near the max size, I will accept it.
(E.G a house with 3 areas, 2 being 7x7 and 1 5x5 or a compound with 5 areas. 3 9x9 and 2 7x7.)

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Player Houses / Clan Compounds
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