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 Gabriel Tsukichi

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PostSubject: Gabriel Tsukichi   Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:04 am

First Name - Gabriel
Last Name - Tsukichi
Nickname - "Lord of the Dance" (Self-appointed)
Gender - Male
Age - 16
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 125 pounds
Village - Kumo


Body Appearance

Hair Colour - Blonde
Hair length - Medium length
Eye Colour - Blue
Skin Colour - Tan
Body Shape - Thin
Scars - Back has multiple lash and whip scars, as well as various burn scars, none else noticeable
Tattoo's - Mark of a "Mental Institution" on right forearm, crescent moon shape on the side of his neck


Other Information

Likes - Pie, Waffles, Technology, Metallurgy, Bananas
Dislikes - Scary things, Mental institutions, electroshock therapy (lightning), needles
Parents -
Siblings - N/A
Children - N/A
Partner -


Ninja Information

Elements - Blood, Darkness, Water
Main Focus - Bloodtech
Sensei -
Squad -
Specialty - Technology
Rank - Adv. Genin


Known Jutsu
All Academy Jutsu

Clan Jutsu


Water Jutsu


Special Abilities



Gabriel Tsukichi is a young member of the Clan, and suffers greatly from the curse of madness that effects the members of the clan (in various ways).  Gabriel is constantly insane, pretty much having completely lost touch with reality most of the time he was put into a Mental institution outside of Kumo when he was younger.  Despite his "illness" he showed a masterful adeptness at working with the technology that Kumo employs, building and scrapping things from the little bit of components in his Padded Room.  Eventually the Elders of Kumo decided that he was to useful in terms of Technological know-how to keep in the Cell, and had him released; despite still being mostly insane he performs a valuable service to the Village, and attempts to actually be a useful Shinobi to the Village and his Clan.


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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Tsukichi   Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:59 pm

Clan Customs
CP: 1
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: E
RP: The users blood tendrils start pulling scrap and components out of the toolbag, assembling a large metallic fist over their hand, enabling the hand to move much faster
PVP Effect: Free Action) +1 to next ATK or DEF Roll

Junk Toss
CP: 2
Type: Bloodtech (WIS)
Rank: E
RP: The user pulls out large various bits of junk from their tool bag, infusing them with chakra and hurling them at their opponent; using the chakra to control it in the air, aiming for any chink in the targets armor
PVP Effect: 1d4 Damage, pierces 1 dr

Steam Protector
CP: 3
Type: Bloodtech (WIS)
Rank: D
RP: Once again the users blood tendrils pull components free from the Users toolbag, assembling them into a large shield. The shield hovers infront of the user, moving to block any attack
PVP: Used to block an incoming attack, cannot block Genjutsu. If attack is melee, does 1d6 damage to the attacker, if failed does 1d4 damage

CP: 3
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: D
RP: Forming a small projectile weapon out of various junk, the user imbues chakra into the weapon, allowing it to fire any type of projectile, or his own chakra-imbued blood
PvP: 2d4+1 pierces 2 dr

Bloody Cloud
CP: 5
Type: Bloodtech (WIS)
Rank: C
RP: The user slices their hand open, blood pouring from their wound and rising into the air, hovering over their foe and raining down poisonous blood
PVP: 4d4 Damage, or they may make this an AOE (Max 3) dealing 2d4+1 Damage to each target.

Rocket Fist
CP: 4
Type: Bloodtech (WIS)
Rank: C
RP: Forming a floating fist and base from various pieces of junk, the user seperate water from their blood, using chakra they bring it to a boiling point. The Fist shoots straight outwards from its base, flying towards the nearest targets face.
PVP: Rank Damage + 1d4/2 (Min. 1) + One Round Physical Stun

Victorian Armor
CP: 6 + 2 per round
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: B
RP: The user starts forming armor around their (or an allies) body using the junk from their toolbag, and the area, the blood tendrils helping form it into a suit. Any area left bare is covered in solidified blood, powered with the same Blood-water/chakra combination as the rocket fist. It increases the users speed and Armor, however it is a much easier target.
PVP: +1d4 to Wisdom/Strength rolls, +2d4 DR vs HP Dmg, -2 to Dexterity Rolls.\
Note: Can be ended early.

Cellular Repair
CP: 7
Type: Blood (WIS)
Rank: B
RP: Slicing their hand open, or using the blood on the field, the user makes it rise into the air and rain down on them and their allies, the blood healing any open wounds.
PVP: 2d8 + 2 Healing, to a single target This may be reduced to a 3d4 + 1 to up to 4 Targets

Gatling Gun
CP: 13
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: A
RP: The user starts building a large, stationary Gatling gun; any missing pieces of tech are replaced by solidified patches of the users blood, the ammunition is supplied from solidifed blood-drops, and the entire weapon is powered by chakra. Can be used to fire at a single enemy, or multiple enemies for lesser damage
PVP: 2d10 + 2d4 + 1 Damage to single target, OR 2d6 + 2d4 + 2 Damage to up to 5 targets

Weapon Creation
CP: 13
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: A
RP: The user can create any kind of weapon for themselves, or their allies, using the tools kept in their toolbelt. The weapon lasts the entire fight, and gives no weapon negatives.
PvP: Create a weapon for the fight, deals the Weapon Damage + 1d10 Damage a Hit, Piercing 1 DR. Weapon attacks are still rolled with DEX / STR and Weapon negatives apply.

CP: 10 + 2 per round
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: A
RP: The user creates an awesome jetpack from the scrap components in their toolbelt, fueled with a special mixture of their blood and chakra. Allowing them to fly into the air! However due to the instability of the Blood, they are at a higher risk to Fire attacks
PvP: You gain Flight which gives you +2 to Defense vs Melee Attacks and +1d6 Damage with Ranged Attacks while in the air, however you suffer an extra 1d10 from Fire Damage, with a crit destroying the Jetpack and causing another 1d6 of falling damage.

Screw the rules! I have Science! (Iron Giant robot Armor)
CP: 20 + 2 per round maintained
Type: Bloodtech
Rank: S
RP: The ultimate Bloodtech weapon, the user uses all the components from his Toolbag, and large amounts of blood to create a 12 foot tall suit of armor, golden and silver in appearance with two large smokestacks on the top. The user hops into this armor, controlling it from within. However, due to the massive amount of effort, and being locked inside the machine, the user cannot use any ninjutsus.
PVP: Blocks the use of Ninjutsu, however the robot attacks with the users highest Stat for Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, adds 2d6 DR, Rank Small Weapon Damage + 2d6 attack roll, -1d10 dexterity. Robot uses users chakra to use, and is useable as long as the user wishes.
Special Note: Ninjutsu is not usable in this Form.

Bloody Vengeance
Type: Ninjutsu
CP: 30
Rank: S
RP: Forces the majority of their blood into one arm, then strikes outward, the blood leaving the arm through every pour, forming a massive spear of crimson red that the user fires straight at their foe.
PVP: 3d10 + 2d8 +2d6 + 2 Damage Bypassing all DR
Side Effects after use:
Roll a 1d20
On a 1-10 the user is fine
11-15 the user is unable to use the arm for 1 irl days
16-20 the user is unable to use the arm properly for 1d4 irl days[/color]
(Causes -5 to ALL Ninjutsu for the amount of days)
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Gabriel Tsukichi
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