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 Etsuko Kag'ame

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PostSubject: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:41 am

.: Table Of Contents :.

.: I - Table Of Contents :.

.: II - General Information :.

.: III - Bingo Book Information :.

.: IV - Ability Information :.

.: V - Custom Items :.

.: VI - Known Jutsu :.

.: VII - Custom Extras :.

.: VIII - Purchases :.

.: IX - Inspirations :.

.: X - Other Information :.

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:42 am

.: General Information :.

.: Real Name :.
Etsuko Kag'ame

.: False Name :.
Kamiko Tanaka
"Superior Child, Dweller"

.: Alias's :.
The Pale Walker

.: Birthday :.
17th September

.: Age :.
Unknown (16)

.: Eye color :.
A straight grey, with a slight red tint around the pupil

.: Hair colour :.
A light grey with darker streaks of grey and red running through it

.: Height :.
5 ' 2 "

.: Weight :.
104 lbs

.: Bust :.
42 "

.: Waist :.
34 "

.: Hips :.
38 "

.: Blood Type :.

.: Likes :.
Blood, Chakra, Ana, Aoioki, Being Alone

.: Dislikes :.
Most People, The Weak

.: Family :.
Mina - Adoptive Daughter

.: Sexual Orientation :.

.: Marital Status :.
Taken - Ana Aburame

.: Tattoos :.
A large Kenji on her back for Chakra

.: Friends / Foes :.
Rated on a -10 to +10 Scale
-10 Being Hate, +10 Being Love

.: Friends :.
Ana +10  (Major)
Mina +10
Aoioki +9 (Major)
Aonu +8 (Minor)
Masquerade +6 (Minor)
Shun+5 (Minor)

.: Foes :.

.: Background :.

.: Theme Songs :.

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:42 am

.: Bingo Book Information :.

.: Village :.
None - Missing

.: Rank :.
A Rank

.: Element(s) :.
Inton Yoton Chakra

.: Attack Style :.
Ninjutsu, Chakra Kenjutsu, Pure Chakra Control

.: Toolbag :.
3 Kunai,1 combat kunai, 3 Shuriken, 1 Explosive Tag, 1 Ninja Wire, 2 Chakra Pills

.: Squad :.
Chinmoku (Silence)
Hei Uskada

.: Sensei :.

.: Goals :.
-Don't Die

.: Life Goals :.
-Find Who Her True Love Was
-Marry Her True Love
-Have A Child

.: Nindo :.
"To master the chakra control of her body, and understand the true meaning of the Reaper!"

.: Databook :.

Hand Seals

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:42 am

.: Ability Information :.

.: Chakra Karitoriki :.
(Chakra Reaper)
(250 Tokens)

Junsuina Waru is known throughout the shinobi world as the perfect evil, his ability to jump between our realm and the realm of the dead create a problem that needs to be dealt with. The man himself is thousand's of years old. Junsuina Waru only makes himself known every now and then when he requires a new gatherer. The gatherer that Junsuina Waru needs is one that he specially choose, one that he thinks is perfect for the that of the Chakra Karitoriki. The person he chooses would be removed from the physical realm for a small amount of time, whilst their body is reconstructed, and their mind is wiped completely. With their muscle being constructed bit by bit, as their tendons and nerves are removed by Junsuina to be replaced by an impure system which will aid the Tamashi Karitoriki with their job. Their chakra would be empowered with that of the souls that have passed this from this earth, allowing them to use the powers that they are granted. After the reconstruction is completed, they are sent to a place that only Junsuina is able to go, and they will never return to this place ever again. For the weeks that pass, they would spend their time training to becoming the Chakra Karitoriki that they are required to be. Taking their body to all new limits, as their chakra control becomes something that only those that no longer exist in the physical realm would understand.

As they are returned to the physical realm, their duties as the Chakra Karitoriki are explained to them by Junsuina. As the Chakra Karitoriki they are expected to remove the chakra networks of those they kill, and those that die around them, sending them onwards to the realm that Junsuina controls. The chakra networks that enter his realm empower him greatly, giving him control over much more and more chakra, on top of his already great source, so that he can accomplish his all time goal. However, the Chakra Karitoriki is able to remove chakra networks from those they kill, or see killed and store them within their own body, aiding them with their mission. The person that is chosen has no memories of what they were before they were converted, and their body has been altered, however, those that they once knew may recognize them. The connection of the Chakra Karitoriki to those that they knew before they were converted is non existence in their mind. There is a rumour, that some of the strongest Chakra Karitoriki will remember those they truly loved, if the bond was so close that either party would die for the other, the Chakra Karitoriki will remember who the person is and the love they had for them.

Etsuko's chakra was already very well maintained, and her control was great, thanks to her puppetry control, that certain memories were retained. There is five people that she remember, two of which she remembers things about, the other three she just remembers their faces but not their names. She also has weird markings on her body. Her chest, surrounding her bust, and her back in the shape of two tribal angelic wings, would be slight blue glowing lines. On closer inspection, those that get this close would be able to realise that his is her actual chakra network that is pushing outwards to her skin, allowing for it to be seen very clearly. It is also visible that she is able to actually control and move her chakra network around her body, technically moving her tenketsu. On top of this, Etsuko is unable to feel the heat or the cold, and was stripped of all emotions but two. She is only able to feel anger, causing her to become the Chakra Karitoriki that she was suppose to become, and she was allowed, by her master, to feel love. The love she feels is mostly directed to the two that she remember completely, and she, in time, will slowly remember some of the times they spent together. But, as promised by her master, she would never forget her one true love.

.: Chakras Strength :.
Etsuko's body was ripped apart, and put back together to create the Chakra Reaper, in the image that Junsuina Waru wished for her to be. Taking her from the realm of mortals, into a place he saw fit, he removed her from this earth as a human, and returned her, in what he describes, as the perfected shinobi. Her body has an unusual hue to it, which would suggest, she herself, is in fact an empty vessel filled with just chakra. The strength of the chakra that flows through her body, to be exact the chakra is Junsuina's, is almost a beautiful sight, if not for the satistic mind of the Chakra Reaper. The control that Etsuko shows, is almost perfection (In her and Junsuina's eyes) and forces her to see herself as a god, and try and force this image onto others.
Universal: User gets Dark / Light / "Chakra" Elements, Gaining no more.
Universal: May see Chakra Networks and Read CP Levels / Elements.
Genin: +1 ATK / DEF Rolls, +10 HP and CP
Chuunin: +2 ATK / DEF Rolls, +15 HP and CP
Jounin: +3 ATK / DEF Rolls, +20 HP and CP

.: Impurity :.
The body that Etsuko now possess, has forced her mind and body to forget what she once was, and enter the impure state of the Chakra Reaper. The way she acts and talks, is luring to anyone, almost begging for them to come closer so she can complete her body. The way she moves has also changed, the small frail body, into one that is able to move quickly, reacting almost instantly to the threats that she is faced with. The perfection of her body (As she and Junsuina see it) allows for her to believe she is stronger then most of those around her, causing her to have a confidence that most people wouldn't have. The chakra that flows through her body, allows her to be the shinbo that Junsuina needs for his reaper, but also the shinobi that Etsuko wished she could be.
Universal: CHA replaces WIS for Dark / Light / "Chakra" Ninjutsu / Hijutsu (Including Stat Bonuses)
Genin: +1 CHA / DEX Rolls, +10 Lore / Spot / Listen
Chuunin: +2 CHA / DEX Rolls, +20 Lore / Spot / Listen
Jounin: +3 CHA / DEX Rolls, +30 Lore / Spot / Listen

.: Perfected Targeting :.
Chakra Karitoriki's main form of offence, is the use of their own chakra and those chakra networks that they havee captured, as weapons. Manifesting the chakra to create weapons that can attack targets as if it was a physical weapon. The Chakra Karitoriki and chakra from the stolen chakra networks Rend the target, hurting them beyond their skin, and further into their body. This is where the name of Chakra Karitoriki comes from, the targeting of ones chakra system and reaping it from their targets body.
Universal: 3 CP) User may do Basic Kenjutsu with CHA. Rank Damage is Medium Single Wield Rank Damage, no weapon negatives. (Dual Wielding Negatives still apply)

.: Jutsu :.
Chakra Karitoriki's jutsu consist of Dark, Light and "Chakra" techniques. These techniques are unique to the Chakra Karitoriki at the time however, the Chakra Karitoriki may choose to teach those they trust their Dark and Light jutsu, if they have the element. The chakra techniques are teachable to anyone they Chakra Karitoriki chooses, but must be learnt at 1 gate higher and with 2x the CP Cost per roll
Universal: +10 to Dark / Light / Chakra Jutsu Learning Rolls, +5 to those they teach Dark / Light / Chakra Jutsu
User may create 3 E/D/C/B and 2 A/S Jutsu. E-C Rank Jutsu are Automatically known, B - S must still be Learnt.

(Chakra element and chakra techniques refer to the control over ones chakra so perfectly that they can manifest and control their chakra as if it was an element.)

.: Chakra's Vessel :.
(100 Tokens - Legendary Character)
Junsuina created Etsuko's new body as a simple Vessel for the Chakra Karitoriki, but the mind of Etsuko is completely her own, however her past has been forgotten. The vessel itself has been empowered with that of Junsuina's realm, and all of those chakra networks that were removed prior to Etsuko becoming the Chakra Karitoriki. This allows her veseel to take more of a beating then most, which in turn allows the Tamashi Karitoriki to fight for longer, thus allowing her to gather more chakra networks so that Junsuina and her may be come stronger..
Universal: +2 HP / CP Regen, Dark / Light / "Chakra" Jutsu / Basic Attacks pierce 2 HP / CP DR
Genin: +2 DR vs HP DMG, -1 CP used on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu" (Min 1)
Chuunin: +3 DR vs HP DMG, -2 CP used on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu" (Min 1)
Jounin: +4 DR vs HP DMG, -3 CP used on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu' (Min 1)

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:42 am

.: Custom Items :.

[Five Elemental Scroll]

After travelling for days, Etsuko finally came across the cave she was looking for, a cave housing some of the oldest monks that currently live in the shinobi world. Entering the cave, the monk's eyes slowly turn to look at her, as Etsuko's eyes focus on the single thing she is here for. The legendary Five Elemental Scroll was her target of the day. This scroll, has said to been passed on from generation to generation, and with each new generation, descriptions of jutsu were added. Over the years, the scroll has become so vast that it currently holds hundreds of techniques, giving the owner of the scroll potential to become one of the greatest teachers in the shinobi world. Etsuko's true desire for this scroll, was to teach those that will follow in her footsteps, ultimately, creating an army as to which she could control and allow herself to become a great leader.
Universal: Allows Etsuko to teach Standard Elemental Jutsu to those that have the Elemental Affinity, and gain a +5 to Learning Rolls.*
Universal: Etsuko's allies may choose to "Inscribe" their custom techniques onto the scroll, allowing her to teach those that are capable.^

(* Standard Elemental Jutsu means the serverwide posted elemental jutsu)
(^ Original Creators Permission)

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:42 am

.: Known Jutsu :.

Dark Red = Chakra Tehcniques
Black = Dark Jutsu
White = Light Jutsu
Red = Enhancement Jutsu
Green = Taijutsu / Kenjutsu

.: Passive :.


.: E Rank :.


.: D Rank :.


.: C Rank :.


.: B Rank :.


.: A Rank :.


.: S Rank :.


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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:43 am

.: Custom Extras :.

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:43 am

.: Purchases :.

Chakra Karitoriki - DM Sai - 250 Tokens
Chakra's Vessel - DM Sai - 100 Tokens

Character Rebuild - DM Sai - 10 Tokens
7x CHA Stat - DM Sai - 90 Tokens
12x CON Stat - DM Sai - 110 Tokens
8x DEX Stat - DM Sai - 32 Tokens
10x WIS Stat - DM Sai - 10 Tokens
3x Levels - DM Konohamaru - 15 Tokens
2x Levels - DM Hinata - 10 Tokens
Five Elemental Scroll - DM Killer Bee - 25 Tokens
3x Levels - DM Sai - 15 Tokens

Dark Red = Clan / Abilities
Cyan = Items
Red = Tools
White = Other
Total: 667 Tokens
Ability Cap: 350 / 700
Item Cap: 25 / 500

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:43 am

.: Inspirations :.

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:43 am

.: Other Information :.

38 + 10 + 20 + 23 + 40 + 20 = 151 CP
Current Level + 10 + Constitution Mod + Charisma Mod + Rank Mod + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras

38 + 20 + 20 + 40 + 20 = 138 HP
Current Level + 20 + Constitution Mod + Rank Mod + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras

[PC's Marked With Chakra Tracking]
Aoioki Kichida (Cheek - Lips)
Ana Aburame (Neck - Lips)
Aonu Danao (Shoulder - Palm)
Mina (Forehead - Thumb)

[Carries a Takigakure Headband]

[Her Mask]

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PostSubject: Re: Etsuko Kag'ame   Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:35 am

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Etsuko Kag'ame
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