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 Rin Kishida

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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Rin Kishida   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:07 pm

Name: Rin Kishida
Age: 18
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5'10
Hair: Crimson Red
Skin: Lightly Tanned
Build: Slim, Flexible, not very muscular
Eyes: Deep Red (Nenshou Kamaitchi~Stage One)

Detailed Description
Rin wears the symbol of the Kishida clan, a Phoenix, prouldy on her left shoulder, while her leaf headband rests around her waist. Her clothes, sporting colors of Red and Gold to mark the kishida Clan further, are rather loose fitting, with baggy pants and a loose shirt. She carries a few weapons on her person, though she doesn't seem the type to use weapons, or any other method of physical combat, from her slim, non-muscular look. She always either has a grin or angered snarl on her face, her red eyes shining with either excitement or rage, depending on her situation. Her hair, a little longer than shoulder length, ends up flaring about her often, from the sudden bursts of heat that she will give off often.

Shinobi Information

Rank: Chuunin
Bingo Book Rank: D Rank
Threat Level: 4/10
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Elements: Katon(fire)
Clan: Kishida
Bloodline: Nenshou Kamaitchi
Unique Abilities: Control Over Flames
Known Items/Weapons: N/A
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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:32 pm

Known Jutsu
Fire Jutsu:

Non-Elemental Jutsu:

Clan Jutsu:

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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:39 pm

Kishida Clan
100 Tokens

History and Information
Long ago, before the founding of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, a tribe of wandering Nomad people, who were known for their beautiful silver hair and eyes as blue as the very oceans. These nomadic people were known as the Kishida. This tribe dealt as traders, wandering the lands, offering their services to all, until one fateful day. They had made camp far out in the desert, when a group of Rogue Shinobi ambushed them, many of the tribe had been slaughtered. The leader of these Shinobi stepped forth and demanded to speak with the tribe's leader, Hogetsu Kishida stepped forward, intent on parlaying with this man, for the sake of his tribe. However, the Shinobi had other plans, it seemed. For he lashed out at Hogetsu, his hands ablaze with flaming chakra. Hogetsu screamed out in agony as the chakra began to burn into his skin, the cells in his body were changed to that of pure flame, rushing through his body sending waves of heated pain throughout his nervous system.

When he was finished, this Shinobi went to each of the captive Kishida doing the same method. Several of them had dropped dead immediately, their bodies incinerating where they fell. The wicked man laughed loudly as his handiwork did it's job. “You shall all know pain for what is left of your pathetic lives. Feel honored I have decided to let you live long enough for my jutsu to take effect.” The Shinobi gloated over his triumphant victory, and left with his comrades. Not knowing what to do, the Kishida began to panic, Hogetsu turned to his frightened bretheren, and looked at them sadly, and they did the only thing they could. They moved on, collecting what little they could carry and continuing the convoy. After several years, many more of the Tribe fell to the jutsu that cursed them, it was then that Kimiachi Kishida, developed a fuuinjutsu, one that he believed would save his people, if not cure them. He tested it on the only one willing to go through with his experiment, Hogetsu.

The man had grown old over the years, and he wanted nothing more than to see his people freed of this dreadful curse they were forced to bare. Kimiachi did his work, performing the technique, a seal began to carve itself painfully into Hogetsu's side, taking the shape of a phoenix. Hogetsu's hair became a dark shade of crimson, as did his eyes. His body then erupted in flames, but he did not scream in agony, the flames did no harm to his body. He looked at the flames covering his body with wide eyes, amazed by this miracle. It was only minutes later that he realized he could control these flames at will, even manipulate the body temperature of himself and others. Kimiachi began his work on the rest of the tribe, sealing the flames with his Fuuinjutsu, and on that day, they were no longer a tribe of merchants, they were Shinobi. Using the flames of their body, they hunted down the Rogue Shinobi responsible, and slew him. It was then that they had grasped their independence from the curse, and accepted it as a gift. That day, the Kishida Clan was reborn, like the phoenix which they had made their Clan's emblem.


Masters of the Flames
Kishida are all naturally masters of Ninjutsu and especially of Fire Jutsu, a able to utilize it to such severe degrees that with it they become known as wielders of flames so hot they can burn away even lava. Destructive and powerful the Kishida are made to destroy everything in their path and turn it to ash, and this is reflected in their natural skills.

Universal: Starts with Fire Element Always, +10 to Learning Fire Jutsu
Academy Student: +0 to Wisdom Rolls, +5 Total CP
Genin: +1 to Wisdom Rolls, +10 Total CP
Chunin: +2 to Wisdom Rolls, +15 Total CP
Jounin: +3 to Wisdom Rolls, +20 Total CP


Bodies of the Sealed Inferno
The Kishida's bodies are extremely advanced, for years having slowly adjusted to an advanced Fuuinjutsu that slowly breaks down their bodies and rebuilds them, this power has caused them to become practically immune to the heat of flames, as well as having abnormally high body temperatures. To top it off the Kishida posses incredible durability in exchange for this power around the flames and sensitivity to Fuuinjutsu.

Universal: +10 Total HP
Academy Student: +2 DR vs Fire* Dmg, +0 DR vs HP Dmg
Genin: +4 DR vs Fire* Dmg, +1 DR vs HP Dmg
Chunin: +6 DR vs Fire* Dmg, +2 DR vs HP Dmg
Jounin: +8 DR vs Fire* Dmg, +3 DR vs HP Dmg

*Note: Fire Damage includes all form of Heat/Flame Damage such as Fire Jutsu, Explosive Tags, Bombs, and the like
Nenshou Kamaitchi
3 CP to Activate, +2 CP to Maintain
(100 Tokens - Enhanced Bloodline)
The Nenshou Kamaitchi was born into the Kishida Clan through mastery of the flames sealed within their bodies. This Doujutsu takes the form of a whirlwind of fire swirling wildly within the eyes of the Kishida weilding it. The Kishida do not view this Kekkei Genkai as a gift or simple tool. To them, it's a curse that has taken hold of their lives through the insidious flames they desperately fight to keep under control within them. The eyes have the ability to thrust the Kishida's victim into a world created by the user, emulating a Hell-like world that distills immense fear in the victim. There are many who believe these eyes are the gateway to Hell, and thus the Nenshou Kamaitchi is widely feared by all, and a common dislike for the Kishida is shared by many, Shinobi and commoner alike. (When this is Boguhten you then awaken the Stage 1 Eye via a Private Event. Beyond that requires DM-Permission to Rank up the Eye, and a Personal Event.)

Universal: May use Clan Jutsu without Handseals, Allowing them to Perform Clan Jutsu while Physically Stunned.
Stage Two: +1 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d4 Fire/Clan Jutus Damage Rolls, Fire Jutsu has a 19/20 Crit Range, May use 'Hells Gaze'.
Stage Three: +2 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d6 Fire/Clan Jutus Damage Rolls, Fire Jutsu has a 18/20 Crit Range, May use 'Hells Gaze', and 'Heatseeker'.
Stage One: +3 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d8 Fire/Clan Jutus Damage Rolls, Fire Jutsu has a 17/20 Crit Range, May use 'Hells Gaze', 'Heatseeker', and 'Inferno Gaze'.
Hells Gaze: For 3 CP, May Roll Wis/Int vs Opponents Wis/Int, On-Sucess target suffers a -3 to Attack/Defense for 1d4+1 Rounds.
Heatseeker: For 5 CP, Gains Autospot Priviledges for 1d4+1 Rounds, and +1 to Attack Rolls Stacking to Jutsu Max. (Free Action to Use on the Kishida's Turn)
Inferno Gaze: For 20 CP, May Roll Wis/Int vs Opponents Wis/Int, On-Sucess target is Stunned for 1d4+1 Rounds or Until Hit, Taking 2d8 CP Damage On-Stun, and suffering 1d4 CP Drain a Round every Round Stunned afterward.
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Kishida Rin

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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:42 pm


Kishida Clan: 200 tokens

Stat purchases to Wisdom/Dex: 355 - Admin Kurama
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(Host) Kurama
(Host) Kurama

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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:10 pm


3/4 Token Refund

417 Tokens Returned.
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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:56 pm

( KIA )
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PostSubject: Re: Rin Kishida   

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Rin Kishida
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