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 Suzumi's Journal Notes

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PostSubject: Suzumi's Journal Notes   Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:20 am

Section 1: Notes on muscle types.
There are 3 known muscles types found in the body, Red Muscle, White Muscle, and Pink Muscle. Red Muscle is slow and strong, White Muscle is weak but fast, and Pink Muscle is in between the other layers of muscle, and is both fast and strong.

Strength Training is known to increase the strength of Red Muscle. Red Muscle is also able to be modified with Chakra to create a temporary increase to strength without causing Cellular Damage as with the Eight Celestial Gates. Red Muscle is also classified as Type I Muscle, or slow twitch. It is dense with capillaries and is rich in mitochondria and myoglobin, giving the muscle tissue its characteristic red color. It can carry more oxygen and sustain aerobic activity using fats or carbohydrates as fuel. Slow twitch fibers contract for long periods of time but with little force. Classified as Type I Muscle because it is typically the most prevailent and easiest to increase in capability.

White Muscle on the other hand, is quite the opposite. White Muscle is generally associated with speed, as it has the fastest contraction times. Also refered to as Type II Muscle or fast twitch, Fast twitch fibers contract quickly and powerfully but fatigue very rapidly, sustaining only short, anaerobic bursts of activity before muscle contraction becomes painful. This can be circumnavigated through extended use and training. They contribute most to Red Muscle strength and have greater potential for increase in mass due to this fact. Type II Muscle is anaerobic, glycolytic, "white" muscle that is least dense in mitochondria and myoglobin. In small animals (e.g., rodents) this is the major fast muscle type, explaining the pale color of their flesh. Type II Muscle has greater room for improvement over Type I, but takes much more dilegent training to accomplish. Much like Red Muscle, White can be modified with chakra to temporarily boost it's effectiveness.

Then, there is the mostly unknown pink muscle. Pink Muscle is mostly unknown and mostly just speculation. My theory is that Pink Muscle is the Hybridization of both muscle types, and can be achieved through proper exercise. Pink Muscle is created by the body creating an even balance of White Muscle in a Red Muscle area, or Red Muscle in a White Muscle area. Theoretically, This can be achieved and would put someone on par with a Eight Celestial Gates user. Which brings me to theory two, the posibility that that is what is truely unlocked with the Eight Celestial Gates. The Eight Celestial Gates are likely a forced miosis of the Type I and Type II muscle groups into Pink Muscle, this would expain the Cellular Damage that some of the users suffer from, as the forced transition damages the muscle almost irrepariably. More testing of this theory is needed.
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Suzumi's Journal Notes
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