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 Keita Inuzuka

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PostSubject: Keita Inuzuka   Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:30 am

Keita Inuzuka

First Name - Keita
Last Name - Inuzuka
Nickname - Ke
Gender - Male
Age - 16
DOB – May 25
Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 156 lbs.
Village - Konohagakure (Leaf)


Body Appearance

Hair Color - Brown
Hair Length - Medium
Eye Color - Green
Skin Color - Light Tan
Body Shape - Average, Fit
Tattoo's – Clan Markings of Twin Fangs on his face


Other Information

Likes – Dogs, Friendly people, Eating
Dislikes – Jerks/Abusive People, Drama Queens, Loneliness
Parents - Mother: Asami Inuzuka Father: Hidetoshi Yamanaka
Siblings - N/A
Children - N/A
Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual
Partner - N/A
Canine Companion - Athena (Wolf-mix)


Ninja Information

Elements - None
Main Focus - Taijutsu
Sensei - N/A
Squad - N/A
Specialty - Tracking
Rank - Genin



Keita is the child of an Inuzuka mom and a Yamanaka dad. The two met on one of his father's lady-picking walks, aiming to score another date. That's when he laid eyes on his mother. Her down-to-earth clan presented a challenge that Keita's father was willing to test, when he fell in love with her. They were married a year later, and Keita's father changed his last name to the bride's family name.

A few years later, Keita came into the picture. He was raised among his mother's family, and grew fond of a particular wolf pup they had adopted. It was a difficult dog to care for, taking after the "lone wolf" personality... But Keita did his best to make a friend with the dog who had also came to like Keita as well. The Inuzuka family was suprised to see the two walking together around the house, and it was decided that the adopted wolf, now named Athena, would be his.

When Keita was about 8 he started hearing voices in his head. They were talking about the things around him; what grandma was making for dinner, the village relations with cloud, and about how foolish Keita was. He thought things back to them and they seemed to listen... He had mind-conversations with the voices for two weeks before it was discovered that he had inherited his father's gift of telepathy.

Being only a half-blood, Keita's telepathic abilities were limited to those he had deep connections with, not the open-telepathy of his father. Often times he was found sitting down outside, staring Athena in the face as he had mental conversation with her. He was an outgoing boy, and was able to make other friends... But none of them were as close as Athena.

Like a typical Inuzuka, Keita enrolled in the Shinobi Academy with his best friend, Athena. He graduated quickly (with some help from his dog), but was discovered to lack an elemental affinity. Though he tried hard to prove them wrong, he was restricted to basic fighting abilities... His parents told him he was going to be the best, anyways...[/font]


Known Jutsu

E Rank


D Rank


C Rank


B Rank

A Rank

S Rank



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Human Resources
Human Resources

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PostSubject: Re: Keita Inuzuka   Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:31 pm

Purchase Log

Inuzuka - 100 tokens (February Promotion - Non-refundable)
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Keita Inuzuka
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